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Next BYOD challenges: cloud, connectivity

The former editorial director of Black Hat says 2013’s big challenge will be the tension between securing mobile apps and users’ desire for seamless transition among their devices.

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Security’s new identity crisis

An HP Labs researcher looks at the risks of our highly fractured online identities.

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IT needs some ‘me time’

IT guru Gene Kim previews his business novel about a struggling IT department’s turnaround, and explains what IT executives should prioritize over “putting out fires.”

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The CIO’s guide to 2013

We asked technologists and IT leaders what needs to be top-of-mind for the CIO of today—and tomorrow.

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CISO challenge:
Speaking MBA

HP Enterprise Security Senior VP Art Gilliland discusses one of the biggest challenges for CISOs in 2013 and beyond: communicating with the business.

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Security index

Percentage of devices information workers say they use for both work and personal purposes.1

Percentage of North American and European companies that have implemented formal BYOPC policies.1

Percentage of CIOs who viewed security as a major challenge to mobile deployments.2

One question

Q: Is increasing abstraction helping or hurting security?

A: Automation, and abstraction of the "how" from the "what," is critical to the future of security. As system complexity grows, environments organically grow into hybrid implementations of on-premise and cloud services, and technologies continue to be stuck together through acquisition and implementation. The only way to make sane policy-based technology changes is at the abstract level. … Whether you're implementing VMware or OpenStack, the "how" of this policy isn't something a rare security resource should concern themselves with; rather, they should be concerned with the "what" meaning of that policy statement.

— Rafal Los, HP security strategist, on his "Following the Wh1t3 Rabbit" blog

1 "Info Workers Using Mobile And Personal Devices For Work Will Transform Personal Tech Markets," Forrester Research Inc., February 2012

2 "Mobility disruption: A CIO perspective," McKinsey & Company, September 2012


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