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Get high-quality apps at high speed

Speed is a critical part of continuous delivery—but you have to balance it with quality. Here’s how to do that in a high-speed, cloud-driven world.

Balancing act

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IT needs to speak the language of SaaS

Service-based costing provides the vocabulary that will let IT communicate its value to the business—to better manage, and compete with, outside services.

Valuable words

Trend watch

Why—and how—you need to change the way you test

Trade yesterday’s tools and methods for an approach that removes functional testing as a major roadblock.

Full speed ahead

CIO insight

Forrester talks app rationalization

Analyst Phil Murphy discusses the importance of application portfolio management and rationalization, and his experience working with the world’s largest organizations.

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Applications index

Worldwide percentage of Apple OS X and iOS devices used for work (versus 66 percent of Microsoft PC or mobile devices).1

Percentage of business tech spending outside the IT department by the end of this decade (up from 20 percent in 2000).2

Percentage of CIOs who said they plan to let staff use personal mobile devices to access company data and applications.3

One question

Q: How does BYOD affect what IT develops in-house?

A: I believe that the demand for multi-device applications will favor the SaaS providers for non-core applications like payroll, expenses, and email. However, an enterprise doesn’t want to use a SaaS provider for those applications that give it a differentiation. … And so, enterprises need to “tool up.” They need to develop, test, and support applications that are multi-device, with application functionality that varies depending on the device—less for smartphones, more for tablets, and more keyboard-orientated for laptops. In the area of testing, I believe that we will see multi-device testing as a cloud service.

— Mike Shaw, HP director of product marketing, on the Enterprise CIO Forum

1 “Info Workers Using Mobile And Personal Devices For Work Will Transform Personal Tech Markets,” Forrester Research Inc., February 2012

2 “Gartner Says Every Budget Is Becoming an IT Budget ,” Gartner, October 2012

3 “Mobility disruption: A CIO perspective,” McKinsey & Company, September 2012


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