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New Office 365 through FPP and Open

February 2013

Microsoft has announced the expansion of their Office 365 cloud offering by introducing Office 365 Small Business Premium and Office 365 Midsize Business, available respectively through the FPP (Full Packaged Product) and Open program channels.
The expected date for the launch is February 27th, 2013.


Office 365 Small Business Premium includes a subscription for the Office client, as well as Exchange, SharePoint and Lync services.
It is designed for businesses with 10 or fewer users, and it has a technical limit of 25 users.

Office 365 Midsize Business will include all O365 SBP features, with more advanced IT admin, Active Directory and enhanced phone support. A subscription version of Office Professional Plus is also included in Office 365 Midsize Business.
The target customer for Office 365 Midsize Business is a company with between 25 and 250 users, and the technical limit is set at 300 users.

Availability and licensing

Both products offer subscriptions to Online Services that are licensed per user and allow access on up to 5 devices for every user.

Office 365 Small Business Premium will be offered through the FPP channel, either as a physical boxed product through retail outlets or as Electronic Software Download. The subscription will cover 1 user for 1 year, and activation will be via a code included with the physical purchase and redeemable on Office365.com (does not apply to ESD).

Office 365 Midsize Business will be available under the Open Licensing, Open Value and Open Value Subscription programs, as well as directly from Microsoft via the Office365 website.
The product will be offered in packs of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 yearly user subscriptions, and activation will be via VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center).

The minimum 5-license requirement to begin an Open program still applies, and Office 365 licenses purchased under Open Licensing will not qualify for level C volume discount.
Office 365 Midsize Business will count as Additional Product under OV/OVS, not as Enterprise products. A discount will be available for OV/OVS customers who have Office and CoreCAL as part of their company-wide commitment.

Expiry dates for Office 365 Midsize Business subscriptions are independent from the agreement end date, so customers can have subscriptions that run past the expiry date of their agreement.
Reassignment of subscriptions is allowed, as long as all licensed users are within the Open customer’s defined region.
Transfers of subscriptions are not allowed, consistent with existing Office 365 terms and conditions.
For both products, individual bundles cannot be split, and all services included in a bundle must be redeemed at the same time.

Additional subscriptions

Customers can use the same product key to add seats midterm, and in this case the end date of the subscriptions will be “blended”. This means that end dates for subscriptions added at different times will be “averaged” to guarantee a coterminous expiration to all subscriptions.
Example: a subscription is purchased on June 1st with 1 year term expiring on May 31st. If an additional subscription is added in August 1st, the expiry date for both the old and the new subscription will be “blended” to June 31st, so the customer will only one co-termed expiry date for all its subscriptions.


Subscriptions can be renewed under the same product key. Non-renewing /late renewing customers will have a full functionality grace period, followed by a reduced functionality period and eventual deletion of all data from Microsoft Servers.

If you have any questions please email HP-SLMS-Microsoft-PSM@hp.com or contact your Local SLMS Sales Specialist for support: https://h40095.www4.hp.com/Phoenix/GetSLMSSalesContacts.do

For more information about SLMS access the following link: www.hp.com/go/slms


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