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BYOD: Bring your own device or disaster?

Big data and analytics can each foster innovation within the business.

In this episode of Discover Performance’s weekly video series, HP Software Vice President
Paul Muller discusses the pitfalls and promises of mobility with three industry experts:

  • Brian Katz, head of mobility engineering at pharmaceutical giant Sanofi
  • Tim Crawford, former CIO and VP-IT, and current business/IT consultant
  • Genefa Murphy, HP Software’s director of product management and user experience, who holds a Ph.D. in user acceptance of new technology

The kickoff point for this discussion is the January Discover Performance interview with Maribel Lopez, in which the former Forrester consultant discussed 2014 as the year in which enterprises move beyond acceptance of BYOD and begin to integrate it—and capitalize on it.

Breaking down the discussion

Muller asks his guests to weigh in on trends in mobility, BYOD as a factor in the larger mobile evolution, and where enterprises eager to “go mobile” might get it wrong.

In this episode, you will hear the group discuss:

  • The difference between BYOD and mobility (3:00)
  • How mobility will help the business in 2014, and the motivation for the CIO (4:30)
  • It's not just about the device—what about app readiness? (6:10)
  • Mobility management maturity and tools (8:10)
  • The hidden requirement for simple usability and user experience (17:20)
  • Tips of the week (25:30)

The “tips of the week” our guests offer are:
Convergence in the marketplace: app:
High Scalability Blog:

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