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Survey: Mobility tops execs’ concerns

A quick poll of enterprise IT leaders finds that mobility is a bigger deal than other top IT trends. We asked why, and what concerns them most.

Several stories in the October issue of Discover Performance focus on how mobile technology is affecting the enterprise. Ahead of this issue, we worked with IDG Research and the Enterprise CIO Forum on a small survey meant to provide a snapshot of how today’s enterprise is tackling this transformative technology.

The IDG Quick Poll, conducted in August, drew responses from 93 IT leaders. It found that mobility was the highest priority among a number of prominent IT trends, with 69 percent of respondents calling it a high or critical priority.

The focus of mobility initiatives was interesting. While serving customers and enabling employees scored equally high (about 60 percent) as priorities, “employee-first” initiatives dominate, 44 percent to 27 percent, over customer-first strategies. This may speak to the productivity gains of mobile, the pressure consumerization has brought on IT departments, or a smart decision to gain some experience and success with mobile before delivering apps to customers.

To see the full results, download the .pdf of the IDG report, “Quick Poll: Enterprise Mobility Trends.” Also take a look at the white paper, “Capitalizing on the Mobile Revolution,” which synthesizes the results and commentary from analysts and thought leaders.

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