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How you’ll profit from Big Data

The challenges of Big Data demand an integrated, open strategy. Find out exactly what it takes to turn disconnected data into connected intelligence.

The bottom line

What: You need a coordinated strategy to draw value from your data.
Why: “Big Data” is not a point problem looking for a point solution.
How: HP’s HAVEn collects everything you need to handle your data, your way.
More: Download the white paper, “Profit from Big Data” (reg. req’d).

The data landscape has broadened. In previous decades, business analytics were limited to transactional business data, but the sudden influx of human and machine data is forcing enterprise IT to dig deeper.
These new data types tend to be unstructured, voluminous, and rapidly changing: up to 10 times larger than structured business data—and growing 10 times faster. In fact, there are four challenges to modern data analytics:

  • Volume—bulk size
  • Velocity—rate of change
  • Variety—abundant types and forms
  • Vulnerability—difficult to govern and secure

With all these challenges, legacy techniques for data management are falling short. Enterprises need an integrated approach to Big Data that enables large-scale, structured analytics using the traditional power of SQL. They need a log management capability for low-latency search and streaming, and semantic machine intelligence for accurate classification of unstructured human information. Finally, they require a network of trusted partners who can help organizations develop custom solutions and fill the skills gap.
HP HAVEn is the industry’s first comprehensive platform and ecosystem for Big Data. Together, the platform and ecosystem provide the capability to handle 100 percent of enterprise data—structured, unstructured, and semi-structured—and securely derive actionable intelligence from that data in real time.

The power and potential of Big Data

Big Data usage cuts across a broad range of industries and functions driven by specific business needs. The scenarios outlined below demonstrate just some of the ways in which HAVEn is being applied by leading enterprises: the potential solutions are limited only by your imagination.

Scenario 1: Understanding customer sentiment. In a multi-channel world, organizations need help to get a firm grasp on customer sentiment and apply intelligence to conversion rates, trends, crisis management, and much more.
Scenario 2: Improving your enterprise security. Organizations are looking to protect their critical assets by creating total visibility into activity across their IT infrastructure. This requires a security framework that can collect, analyze, and assess IT events for rapid identification, prioritization, and response.
Scenario 3: Applying IT operations analytics. With virtualization and cloud services so pervasive today, organizations no longer know or control all of the technologies in their environment. Operational analytics delivers actionable intelligence about the service health of both on-premise and hosted IT platforms, providing the capability to predict and identify issues before they occur.

Deconstructing HAVEn

The HP HAVEn Big Data platform has three components: engines, data connectors, and a virtually limitless potential for applications.

  • Engines: HAVEn engines are designed to handle specific, high-performance functions. They are purpose built and complement one another. The engines include:
    • Hadoop, an open source distributed file system
    • HP Autonomy, which provides automated conceptual and contextual understanding of human information
    • HP Vertica, for blazing-fast, low-cost analytics with infinite scale
    • Enterprise security, powered by HP ArcSight, to help secure and govern Big Data
  • Connectors: The HAVEn platform has 400 connectors from Autonomy, 300 from ArcSight, and supports custom connectors.
  • Applications: HAVEn supports a wide range of HP and third-party applications, to support horizontal and industry-specific data management needs.

The HP HAVEn ecosystem brings the software environment above together with everything else you might need to profit from Big Data, such as hardware and services. HAVEn openness preserves customer choice in technologies while protecting existing investments. Customers can choose from a wealth of resources, partners, and integrators across the globe.

Making your next move

Big Data has rapidly become one of the most written-about topics in IT, but very little of the commentary focuses on how organizations can profit from connecting new streams of data to derive valuable intelligence. Many leading organizations are rapidly embracing HAVEn to create a wide variety of solutions that leverage Big Data for competitive advantage and growth.
To learn more about what HAVEn provides, download the white paper “Profit from Big Data (reg. req’d). Learn more about how to develop your Big Data strategy in our free ebook, “Connecting data for new business insight(reg. req’d).


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