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The future of operational efficiency

Learn how data center infrastructure management tools can help ops tame increasingly complex infrastructure.

The bottom line

What: IT operations needs a better way to manage increasingly complex infrastructure.
Why: To maintain agility, promote automation, and tame increasing complexity.
How: By implementing data center infrastructure management.
More: Read more about HP’s new DCIM solutions.

Software-driven data centers have matured and advanced to support unpredictable workloads like hybrid cloud, Big Data, and mobile applications. Yet managing and operating that infrastructure efficiently still grows increasingly difficult. So how do ops leaders keep their data centers from spinning out of control? How can they increase automation, be more agile for the business, and quickly launch new, valuable initiatives like data analysis?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is giving ops teams a better way to manage the tangle of infrastructure they’ve built, and HP has focused four new services around it. Here’s why.

A better-connected future

For all the advances in data center management, most data centers are still a bunch of disconnected silos: infrastructure, facilities, services, and the human organization. Make changes in one area, and you’ll cause changes in another—whether you intend to or not.

One of the biggest problems IT organizations face today is that each of these silos keeps getting more complicated. They’re supporting legacy apps alongside third-party cloud services. They might take advantage of the public cloud and a private cloud, and they’re rolling out mobile apps to customers and employees at a frantic pace.

DCIM and IT service management (ITSM), which HP enables through a collection of recently announced services, are the tools that make it possible to manage all of those silos—and all of their individual complexity—together, as a single ecosystem.

Next level of convergence

The goal behind all this is to reach the next level of convergence that operations groups need. Reaching that level can:

  • Improve insights into the data center environment for initiatives such as consolidation.
  • Extend or manage data center capacity more effectively (including IT infrastructure, space, cooling, and power).
  • Prepare the infrastructure for the impact of future cloud, mobility, and Big Data.
  • Reduce operating costs by giving ops a better understanding of real-time energy consumption, asset management, and change management.
  • Maintain flexibility and keep capacity in line with IT demands—and thus better support business needs.
  • Determine the best source and delivery model for each service.

Learn how DCIM works

In today’s cloud-focused, warp-speed business environment, operational efficiency relies on a convergence of all operational silos. A smart approach to DCIM should become the backbone that connects facilities, IT infrastructure, services, and people.

To hear more about it, listen to the recent HP Discover podcast moderated by Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions. And read more about HP’s new DCIM solutions in this blog post by Chris Coggrave, HP’s director of IT Infrastructure Services.


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