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How a Converged Infrastructure Architect can maximize your IT investments

March 2012

The accelerating pace of business in a 24/7 global economy is driving a major shift in information technology. Many organizations want to modernize their applications and architect their information systems so they can quickly adapt to new business models and customer demands. This often means a transformation of the data center—from rigid IT silos to a flexible converged infrastructure that provides the foundation for agile service delivery.

Bringing about this kind of transformation is no simple task; there are many considerations in architecting a converged infrastructure platform. The CEO and other senior executives want to ensure the new computing environment will be fully aligned with business needs and that it will enable growth and agility. The CFO must understand the costs and the expected return on investment. The CIO and IT staff members need to understand how to integrate existing technologies with new ones to create a truly optimized converged computing environment. 

When it comes down to it, your enterprise computing platform is essential to the performance and overall success of your business. Knowing this, who can you trust to help you make your critical decisions about architecting the infrastructure that will meet your business needs, now and into the future? The answer to that question is simple: Trust your HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) Converged Infrastructure Architect.

The focus is on business outcomes
A Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architect is an HP ExpertONE certified professional who has earned one of the highest levels of credentials issued by HP. This professional fully understands the HP Converged Infrastructure architecture and related products as well as a broad range of vendor-neutral concepts and technologies. More importantly, the Converged Infrastructure Architect is keenly focused on superior business outcomes and a solid return on IT investment. You can trust this professional to propose a total, seamless solution that has your company’s business end goals in mind.

Candidates for the Converged Infrastructure Architect program typically have a minimum of 10 years experience in enterprise-level infrastructure design. They also must possess all the foundational knowledge in infrastructure frameworks as well as technologies such as servers, storage, networking, management and software, power and cooling, data centers, virtualization and cloud computing. Most candidates also have certifications and/or experience with other vendors’ enterprise products, which helps them understand and overcome integration issues with multi-vendor solutions.

During the HP certification training, each candidate learns how to:
  • Work with customers
  • Understand customers’ unique business requirements
  • Approach customer problems with a total solution mindset
“I’ve been in the IT business for 25 years—10 as an HP customer and 15 as a value-added reseller (VAR) technical architect,” says Greg Hills, Strategic Solutions Architect with OnX Enterprise Solutions. “The Converged Infrastructure Architect training helped me develop the skills to refocus from technical design to taking a more holistic and open view of a customer’s business needs and problems. Now my customer engagements tend to center around business and futures rather than hardware and components. For my customers, I am a resource that has a complete understanding of the needs they have and the ability to ‘translate’ those needs into a business case that their management can understand.”

Ask for your trustworthy advisor
Collectively, the people who have earned the title of “Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architect” have worked hundreds of IT projects around the world. This exposure to multiple projects and a variety of businesses and situations gives them unique perspectives on how information technology can drive your business to new heights. Put your company in safe hands: When you engage with your preferred IT solutions provider, be sure to ask for an HP Master ASE Converged Infrastructure Architect.

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