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10 cool things about All-in-Ones

10 cool things about All-in-Ones

January 2014

If the walls of your cubicle or office seem to be closing in on you, it might be because your desk is being taken over by all of the different technology you need to get through the day. Your monitor, keyboard, and computer alone can shrink your desk space in a hurry. While we can’t help you move to that bigger corner office with the view, we can suggest that you trade in your bulky computer for a space-saving all-in-one (AIO).

Combining the compact feel of a notebook with the performance of a traditional tower PC, AIOs are future-forward and built for business—giving you everything you need. But deciding between the technology you’re used to using or something new like an AIO isn’t always that simple. Typically, businesses rely on notebooks or desktop PCs for their employees, so moving to an AIO could be a hard sell.

As you weigh your options, here are some cool things about AIOs for you to consider:

  1. Declutter your desk: The first one on this list is pretty obvious. AIOs take up less space, and reduce wire-clutter by integrating things like speakers, mic, and webcam—but you’re not going to miss out on performance because they’re packed with everything you’ll need.
  2. Get down to business: AIOs are ideal for small businesses—even ones with extensive 3D graphics workflows. That’s because many of today’s AIOs support powerful features like discrete graphics cards, or dual hard drives for RAID configurations.
  3. At your service: Many AIOs, like the HP ProOne 600 All-in-One, offer tool-less removal of the entire back panel of the PC, making upgrades and modifications easier than ever.  
  4. Power-saving: With everything wrapped into one bundle, AIOs don’t hog power like your out-dated desktop or heavy notebook—which is great for IT departments looking to cut costs.
  5. Cover the whole field: Some AIOs have optional near-field communications (NFC) capabilities to share files like photos and videos from your NFC-enabled smart phone or tablet. It can also be used to pair NFC enabled accessories like wireless mice or speakers, and even support custom applications such as advanced user authentication. [1, 2]
  6. Tried and true: During the HP Total Test Process, HP AIOs are put through the wringer with 115,000 hours of performance trials to ensure the reliability you expect.
  7. Fast-track your performance: Already have monitors that you don’t want going to waste? The HP EliteOne 800 All-in-One offers plenty of viewing room for all of your work, with the opportunity to add up to four additional displays thanks to an optional discrete graphics card. [3]
  8. Safe and sound: Your data needs to be secure, no matter what type of computer you use or what type of business you do. HP BIOS Protection offers enhanced safeguards against virus attacks and other security threats, and is designed to help prevent data loss and reduce downtime. [4]
  9. Touch screen: It’s new, it’s different, but there’s no denying the benefits of touch screen technology and how it can simplify your work day. Whether it’s the convenience of opening programs with a tap of the screen, or the intuitive interface of the touch-based Windows® 8 operating system, everything you need is at your fingertips.
  10. Put it anywhere: The flexibility of the AIO’s form factor make it an attractive option for virtually any office. Designed for the most comfortable and immersive experience available, AIOs are available with options such as height-adjustable stands that enable the displays to recline. You can even attach them to walls or ergonomic arms so you can get the perfect view of your work.

Businesses big and small are quickly starting to appreciate the benefits AIOs can offer them and their employees. Whether it’s their compact footprint, adaptability or energy-saving qualities, there’s no denying that AIOs are starting to cement their place as the new way of working.
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[1] Requires Windows 8. For more information about NFC features in Windows 8, visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/tap-share#1TC=t1.
[2] NFC authentication software solution is sold separately.
[3] Support for external displays as a standard feature through integrated processor-based graphics is dependent upon the particular PC platform/form factor; the actual number of displays supported will vary. An optional discrete graphics solution will be required for the support of additional displays. Additional cables required. DisplayPort with multi-stream through integrated graphics is planned to be available in fall 2013 as an integrated feature and as a web update in late summer 2013.
[4] HP Tools partition with an HP BIOS required for automatic recovery. Business Desktops do not support this HP BIOS Protection auto-recovery feature.

Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies


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