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Why smartphones are smart for business

May 2011

Remember those early mobile phones? The big, bulky ones with a giant antenna sticking out of them, that required two hands to dial a number, only had one ringtone and no volume setting or silent/vibrating option?

It was innovative technology — taking the telephone wherever you went, beyond the confines of the home or office. But the devices were big! So inevitably, as the use of mobile phones became more widespread, the sizes of handsets became smaller to facilitate their ease of use and convenience.

Mobile phones become smart

Then, in recent years, mobile phones bulked up again to accommodate the additional features, functions and purposes we’ve come to need. And we started to call them smartphones. Now, with a smartphone, not only is the telephone mobile, but your entire business and office can be mobile, too. You can do just about anything from just about anywhere.

Gone are the days of having to rush back to the office to check e-mails, for example. As e-mail has become a fundamental method of communication, it is important to have easy and immediate access to e-mails at all times. Notebook computers have proven to be successful in providing portable access, but the hassles of searching for a hotspot or the inconvenience of a weak connection still remain. Smartphones provide a quicker way to monitor your e-mail inbox — and more than that: they streamline business and enhance mobility.

A smartphone that’s also smart in size

Having to carry around a clunky smartphone all the time can put a damper on your mobility. Now, the new HP Veer smartphone creates a big phone experience in a small package. The size of a credit card and no thicker than a deck of cards, the HP Veer offers the higher-end features of a smartphone, such as:

  • See IMs, texts and pictures from the same person in one combined view [1]
  • View all your business and personal e-mail accounts together in one view or separately
  • Useful productivity apps like Quickoffice, for example, which is pre-installed on the device
  • Internet browsing, including support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 beta in the browser for access to rich, Flash-based web content [2]


Putting the “smart” in smartphone

The HP Veer is loaded with the HP webOS, which was designed to be the most intuitive software on the planet. In other words, it works the way you think. It brings together contacts and calendars from different sources — like Microsoft® Exchange, Google™ calendars, and Facebook® — so everything’s where you’d expect. [3] The HP webOS takes the hard tasks out of everyday work and optimizes business functionality by logically organizing your workflow. Keep multiple apps open at once and easily switch back and forth among them. Plus, HP webOS lets apps share information with each other, simplifying your life. For example, use the Open Table® app to book reservations by checking restaurant availability in real time. Read reviews, get directions, and invite friends. Then add the reservation directly to your calendar.

Get more done

It has a full slide-out keyboard, vivid touch screen and access to thousands of HP webOS apps in a surprisingly small, modern package that fits easily into a pocket or purse. [4] The capabilities and versatility of the HP Veer allow you to use it for both business and personal use. It’s everything a smartphone should be — in a smaller size. Seamlessly connect all your worlds through the abilities of HP webOS, enabling access to basic business applications, adding material value, enhancing productivity and creating a competitive advantage. In today’s business world, that’s not an option — it’s a necessity.

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[1] Within wireless coverage area only. SMS, MMS, and IM require data services at additional cost. Availability of IM functionality may vary by carrier

[2] Within wireless coverage area only. Actual speeds may vary. Email, mobile number and related information required for setup and activation. Required data services sold separately; unlimited plan recommended and may be required. Not all web content may be available.

[3] Within wireless coverage area only. Microsoft Exchange email, contacts, and calendars available for ActiveSync only; requires Microsoft Outlook using Exchange Server 2003 with SP2, Exchange Server 2007, or Exchange Server 2010.

[4] Third-party software available separately. Within wireless coverage area only. Required data services sold separately. Availability will vary by region.

Adobe and Flash are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Microsoft is a registered trademark of the Microsoft group of companies. Google is a trademark of Google, Inc. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.


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