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October 2011

If the last two decades were defined by the explosion of personal computing, the current decade will be defined by a great untethering—a release from the confines of the wires and cables that have entangled true mobility.

Now, you are free to work from anywhere, print from virtually anywhere and expand your productivity through the broadband wireless revolution and the devices that have grown out of it.

Every device you use to communicate is growing smaller, smarter and more mobile. Each is able to handle high-speed data transmissions that were once only the purview of full-sized desktop computers.

Mobile devices

Devices like the HP Veer 4G smartphone are built for mobile multitasking. The Veer features a full keyboard, 4G speed [1,2] and a browser that displays the entire web—all in a package small enough to fit in your back pocket (with room to spare). Laptops round out the personal computing options that can help you become—and stay—mobile. HP’s line of Notebook PCs leverages full wireless capabilities to make mobility truly mobile.

Web-connected printers and mobile printing features

This new generation of mobile devices is supported by a network of complementary web-connected printers and wireless printing features that let you virtually print from anywhere to anywhere. [3]

Products like the HP Office Jet Pro 8500A e-All-in-One printer and the LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw multifunction printer have ePrint capabilities — allowing them to connect to the Internet directly and letting you print from anywhere with a web connection by emailing the printer’s unique email address. [3] The ePrintCenter feature on these models lets you view printer status, add or remove print apps, use a host printer’s apps, and manage ePrint settings remotely and through any web browser. Say goodbye to docking, downloading data to a thumb-drive, and late night runs to the copy center while on the road. Mobile printing has arrived.

So, with all the new tools and new technology available, why wait to print remotely? Start taking advantage of the benefits that web-connected printers provide:

  • Save time: Running late to a meeting and still need to print a presentation? Attach your document to an email and hit send—it will be waiting in your print tray when you arrive.
  • Streamline workflow: Skip a few steps in the communications process and save precious seconds while you’re on the go. Send information directly to in-house staff or colleagues working in satellite locations.
  • Improve client relationships: Share your printer’s email address with visiting clients and let them print important documents without the tedious process of installing software.
  • Work from anywhere: Print and share travel itineraries, directions, purchase confirmations and more, right from your mobile device.
  • Print when out-of-range of your wireless network: Stuck in the back office or just out of reach of a wireless network? Print remotely from your smartphone using one of HP’s ePrint-enabled printers.

The cloud

Perhaps the single largest development in mobile computing is the cloud. Maybe you’ve heard how the cloud’s storage and computing capabilities are reshaping businesses large and small, but behind the buzz, what exactly is the cloud?

Literally speaking, the cloud is a group of virtual servers available over the Internet. Cloud computing is a way for developers, small-, medium- and enterprise-level businesses to add capacity or capabilities on-demand without investing in new hardware, software, and IT staff. With HP Cloud Services, businesses can scale up or scale back to meet changing customer demands—and yes, do it all remotely.

More figuratively, the cloud is becoming a way to redefine the idea of work—separate from the hardware and software constraints that keep you anchored to offices and tied to physical workspaces. It describes the new standard of seamlessness between technology and productivity.

So, whether you’re using your mobile device to answer email over Sunday morning coffee, print documents while on the road, or deploy new software across your business, a new level of mobility is redefining how, when, and where you work. Just a few years ago, such comprehensive mobile access to data, hardware, and software was the stuff of science fiction. Now, it’s waiting at your fingertips.

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[1] HP Veer 4G is an HSDPA Cat 10/HSDPA Cat 6 device. Wireless connection requires wireless data service contract, network support, and is not available in all areas. Contact service provider to determine the coverage area and availability. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors.

[2] Within wireless coverage areas only. Actual speeds may vary. Email, mobile number, and related information required for setup and activation. Required data services sold separately; unlimited plan recommended and may be required. Not all web content may be available.

[3] Requires wireless access point and Internet connection to printer. Touchscreen menus are in English or English/French only. Services may require registration. Apps availability varies by country and language. Click here for details.


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