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November 2011

With the advent of smaller, more powerful laptops and smartphones, it’s safe to say that we live and work in a mobile world. Wireless networks ensure that our mobile devices are always connected—making location irrelevant to productivity. It’s these very same networks that allow HP’s ePrint-enabled printers to allow you to print anything from pictures to crucial work documents, using any device with email capabilities—including smartphones. [1]

Print from places you seldom thought possible
Products like the HP Officejet Pro K8600 e-All-in-One (AIO) printer connect to the Internet, enabling key benefits such as ePrint—letting you print from virtually anywhere[1] with a web connection by emailing the printer’s unique email address. Another benefit of web-enabled printing is print apps, which allow you to enjoy instant access to printable web content from your printer’s control panel. Click here for more information about print apps. [2]

The ePrintCenter feature on the HP Officejet Pro K8600 lets you view printer status, add or remove print apps, use a host printer’s apps, and manage ePrint settings remotely and through any web browser.

Scan more than just flat objects
Scanners have traditionally been used primarily as a tool for scanning photographs and the document management, but the evolution of technology has opened the door to many new and exciting possibilities. The HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 is HP’s first web-connected color laser multifunction printer with the power to scan 3D objects, which can be used to create unique artwork and presentations.

In addition to 3D objects, converting your paper documents into electronic form allows you to store, share, and use them more effectively. Considering document management with scanners like the HP Scanjet 5590 is just smart business.

Here's a look at five ways how scanning paper files into digital ones can help you streamline everyday projects:
  • Reduce filing costs: Digital documents can be easier and quicker to file than paper, and can be accessed more effortlessly—that means potentially less paid time wasted searching for documents.
  • Reduce distribution costs: You can save money on printing, shipping, and postage when you can email a document rather than fax it.
  • Protect information: It's easy to control access to digital files, and maintain a history of who reads a document. Encryption options for email and stored files provide even more control.
  • Improve access to information: Groups of employees can share digital files more easily than they can paper. Multiple copies can be sent to appropriate users via email in seconds, and web-based information can be viewed by anyone on the Internet (with proper authentication, if necessary).
  • Quickly sort, search and retrieve: Finding documents has never been easier. What was once a physical journey to a file room is now just a mouse-click away.
Environmentally friendly like never before
In just a short period of time, recycling has gone from something only a select few practiced to a widespread habit that virtually everyone participates in. Plastic bottles and newspapers are frequently found in recycling bins, but these days even technology companies are making great strides to develop products that are easily recyclable.

Studies show that 94% of remanufactured print cartridges ultimately end up in a landfill [3], where they not only take up space, but can cause further damage to the environment. In an effort to limit the number of these cartridges that end up in landfills, HP has a free and convenient recycling program.

But it’s not just about recycling. Another important contributor to environmental sustainability is reduced energy use. An industry first, HP Auto On/Off Technology automatically turns off the device to help individuals and businesses conserve energy. HP LaserJet products with Instant-on Technology use an innovative, quick-heating fuser system that warms rapidly and cools quickly. This, coupled with energy-efficient toner, helps users consume less printing-related energy, compared with using printers that don’t have this technology.

Market, manage and grow your business
Wide-format printers can help you create a variety of high-impact marketing materials—without the high print-shop price tag. HP wide-format printers like the new HP Officejet 7500A AIO can help create a variety of pieces, like borderless brochures, posters and booklets, right in-house. Boost your marketing message with large, full-color marketing materials in sizes that range from 3" x 5" all the way up to 11" x 17", 12" x 12" and 13" x 19".

Whether it’s printing documents from your phone, or scanning 3D objects, it’s clear that technology will continue to evolve with our needs.  

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[1] Requires an Internet connection to the printer.  Feature works with any connected Internet- and e-mail-capable device.  Print times may vary.  Some HP LaserJet printers may require a firmware upgrade.  Click here for a list of supported documents and image types, see.  And for additional solutions, see click here.
[2] Requires wireless access point and Internet connection to printer.  Touchscreen menus are in English or English/French only.  Services may require registration.  Apps availability varies by country, language and agreements. Click here for details.
[3] InfoTrends, “2009 U.S. Cartridge Collection and Recycling Refresh,” November 24, 2009.

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