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December 2013

Server solutions, choosing between notebooks and tablets, and printing on the road: these are the topics that touched a tech nerve with our readers in 2013. In case you missed any of these articles—or want to re-read and re-comment on any of them—we've gathered the very best of Technology at Work 2013 here. We would like to thank all of our readers for taking the time to read Technology at Work and providing great feedback in 2013. And we look forward to bringing you more of the tech news you need in 2014.

How to clean and organize your PC
Follow these simple tips to organize your files, purge unnecessary data and back up important information so your PC is working efficiently and smoothly— and so are you.
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10 things your business can do with a MicroServer
If you're a small business or home office and you're wondering whether a server would help you manage your business, it's probably time for a MicroServer. For sharing and securing critical business files, you can only do so much if you're relying on interconnected PCs to do the job. Much like traditional servers, MicroServers allow businesses to centrally manage their data and give them access to it from multiple locations—only they do it more efficiently and with a much smaller footprint.
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Notebook or tablet?
If you're a business with a mobile workforce, you're probably not concerned about best-selling trends; you're concerned about which technology is best for your business.
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Five clever ways to use QR codes
You've probably seen scores of advertisements with QR codes that link to a product's web site, but these codes can be used to engage with people or share data many other ways. Here are five ideas designed to make QR codes a regular go-to app in your digital toolkit, and some tips on getting the most out of your QR code experience.
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A brand new travel tool
Work is consistently taking people on the road these days; whether it's to meet with a client, scope out a venue or attend a conference, among other reasons. True road warriors have become experts on how to streamline the travel process, carry as little as possible and use every second of travel time to their advantage.
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Here to stay
Floppy disks. MS-DOS. Windows 3.0. Computer technology has advanced leaps and bounds since these one-time staples were an important part of everyday business. To keep up with the times, most cash-strapped or budget-conscious businesses usually adopt the latest hardware and software as quickly as they can. But not always….
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