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Bundle up

Bundle up

January 2014

Whether you employ hundreds of people and do business across the globe, or operate a neighborhood shop with a dozen employees, the right set of IT tools can give you the edge you need to thrive. Rather than purchasing solutions from a variety of vendors, often the smartest approach is to work with a provider who can bundle a set of solutions that meet your specific IT needs.

Have a clearer focus
Small businesses don’t usually have the dedicated IT resources that larger organizations enjoy. Purchasing and implementation are often handled on an ad-hoc basis by employees whose main responsibility isn’t IT. The result, too often, is an IT nightmare consisting of siloed solutions—one system for HR, another for sales, etc.—that are difficult to integrate, challenging to learn, and become quickly obsolete.

By contrast, bundled solutions are designed to work together to meet a broad range of IT demands, providing a full suite of hardware and software solutions to meet your unique needs. They also make it simple to share and process information across your organization, which can be a major competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving business landscape. HP’s Just Right IT bundles, for instance, can get you started with the tools you need to support IT and business functions, such as email, file, print and networking access and backup—helping you find new customers while providing better service to existing ones.

The bottom line: Instead of dealing with endless IT headaches, your employees can focus on doing their jobs, while working together across locations and functions more effectively than ever—and driving your bottom line like never before.

Get it implemented—faster
Printers, PCs, servers, file sharing, email, data storage and backup, remote access, security and disaster recovery, line-of-business applications—getting your IT house in order can require selecting and implementing a wide variety of solutions. The process can be complicated and take an exceedingly long time, especially if you’re integrating solutions from a variety of vendors.

Bundled solutions, on the other hand, can make implementing the IT you need a snap. The hardware and software components that make up bundled solutions are built to work together seamlessly—and better providers offer the implementation, training, and support services you need to get the most out of your solutions. Rather than waiting months or even years for everything to work the way you want it to, you can start benefiting from a bundled end-to-end IT suite almost immediately.

Cut your costs
In the same way that bundles offered by cable and telecommunications providers offer consumers a lower overall price for internet, phone, and television services, bundled IT solutions can provide new businesses with measurable cost savings. And by offering seamless integration of their various components, bundled solutions can result in significantly lower IT staffing costs for your organization.
In addition, working with a single provider to meet a range of IT needs can significantly reduce costs associated with billing and managing relationships with multiple solution vendors.

Scale as needed
Over time, your IT needs will evolve. Ideally, you’ll be doing more business with more customers—not to mention adding employees—and need to ramp up your IT capacity. Since your IT bundle provider already knows your business and can implement and integrate solution upgrades and extensions seamlessly, using a single provider to meet your IT needs can make scaling simple.

HP Just Right IT bundles are designed with scaling in mind—whether you’re a small business in the market for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, PS 1810 networking switches, and Data Protector backup and recovery software, or an expanding medium-sized business ready for HP Unified Communications (UC) and client virtualization solutions. An end-to-end solution makes scaling simple for businesses that are just starting out, building momentum, or growing to as many as 1,000 employees.

Choosing the right vendor—one with a strong track record meeting the needs of customers like you—is key. Your vendor should possess the know-how to help you understand what tools you need to compete in your market space, and offer a range of solutions that will meet your unique IT needs today—and as you grow.

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