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HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs

March 2014

Micro and small businesses can be strong drivers of the economy and a key driver of innovation.  But with stronger business and IT skills, profits and job creation would flourish.

At HP, we are focused on creating a better future for everyone through our actions and innovations. This is a journey we call HP Living Progress and it reflects the way our people and technology come together to solve society’s toughest challenges. One way we do this is by helping people, businesses and economies thrive through programs like HP LIFE e-Learning.  

HP LIFE e-Learning is a free, cloud-based training program that can be accessed directly by millions of entrepreneurs and small-business owners around the world to help them gain real-life business and technology skills to start or grow their businesses in their own time, at their own pace.

It is also a robust and highly adaptable open educational resource that enriches curriculum in classrooms, training centers and other settings and facilitates participatory learning.  HP LIFE is used as an additional resource in classrooms, as standalone training, as homework and as a gateway to a global community. With HP LIFE e-Learning, educators can extend the depth of concepts presented, allowing learners to achieve mastery of skills at their own pace, and offer hands-on practice of relevant technology skills.

At its heart are 22 self-paced interactive modules focused on core business competencies in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, communication, and special topics such as social entrepreneurship and energy efficiency. The modules begin with a real-life scenario of an entrepreneur facing a business challenge that leads to practical, interactive exercises around both key business skills as well as associated technology skills. A dedicated tab on the e-learning platform provides educators with a range of useful support documents, including a course directory that summarizes the business and IT skills that are learned in each module.

HP LIFE e-Learning also offers a rich array of resources in addition to the modules, including an online community that connects entrepreneurs and educators from all over the world, certification for completed courses, opportunities for additional support from HP experts, and links to a wealth of other relevant online resources. The platform is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.  More courses, services, support and languages are added on a regular basis.

The technology solution
The HP LIFE e-Learning solution is distributed on HP Public Cloud platforms to exploit the scalability and performance advantages.

The training content was designed specifically for online delivery using Drupal, a Learning Management System (LMS) that is widely used and serves the need of the new program. The use of multiple cloud infrastructures at HP sites and HP telco partners improves network performance worldwide, especially in developing countries. This happens through automatic geographic selection of the infrastructure based on the student’s location.

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