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April 2014

To effectively compete against their larger competitors, it’s more important than ever that small and medium businesses do two things: Maintain operations that maximize profits, and deliver the personalized services that set them apart. But doing both at the same time can be an exceptionally difficult task. Small businesses often feel that these two priorities are competing against each other. But they don’t have to. An effective solution to this challenge is to take advantage of IT support services. This approach allows small businesses to focus on what they do best, rather than allocating valuable time and resources to IT.
Businesses of all sizes need to maintain a stable and responsive IT environment, but not at the expense of neglecting business operations. Support services like HP Proactive Care free up organizational resources by delivering both preventative and reactive support. Proactive Care helps prevent technology problems before they occur and, thanks to an enhanced call center experience, quickly solves issues when they do come up.
And while always vital to your ability to maintain operations 24/7, these services are particularly important from a cost-savings perspective, once warranties and initial support contracts for your technology expire.
Personalized, proactive, simplified
HP Proactive Care helps prevent outages using real-time, personalized, predictive analytics. Detailed reports with analysis are provided to customers, with the added benefit of a Technical Account Manager review with recommendations on how to prevent future downtime. The service also leverages having your products being connected to HP to provide continuous real-time monitoring, system status alerts, and call logging with automatic parts dispatch. All of these features help to make sure issues are prevented and problems, if they do arise, are diagnosed and fixed quickly.
To make sure that systems are up-to-date, the service delivers bi-annual reports containing firmware and patch analyses as well as recommendations based on “health check” scans of your technology infrastructure. A Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) manages customers’ calls from start to finish, further simplifying the Proactive Care service and support elements.
Detailed reports inform administrators whether incidents are recurring, and provide advice on how to resolve the incidents and prevent them from happening again by working remotely or dispatching parts. Connecting to help will give you a personalized dashboard, and access to a self-help global knowledge base and a community of experts that includes HP, channel partners and peers.
Proving its worth
The HP Proactive Care service delivers many cost savings benefits. For the white paper “The Business Value of the HP Proactive Insight Experience,” IDC interviewed HP customers to identify Proactive Care’s financial benefits from risk mitigation, optimized IT productivity and overall cost reduction of IT operations. Study participants on average reported a 1.2-month ROI. [1]
Notably, Proactive Care service users experienced 66 percent less unplanned system downtime and 43 percent fewer unplanned downtime incidents after signing up for the service. The 66 percent reduction in downtime added 9.2 hours of productivity per user, returning an average of just over $59,000 annually to each company. [1]
Amid shrinking budgets and IT operations, and an even greater need to focus on the business at hand, HP Proactive Care allows businesses to:

  • Reduce unplanned outages through proactive reporting and expert advice to identify and remove potential technology issues
  • Resolve complex issues more quickly and easily with the help of a dedicated Technical Solution Specialist
  • Support converged virtualized technology more cost effectively with the use of connected products, advanced support technology and technical experts
  • Speed ROI on IT investments, improving overall efficiencies, and freeing IT to deliver greater innovation and business value

Proactive Care is available in three hardware service levels, giving customers the ability to choose what best meets their needs. They include: Next Business Day, 24x7, and six-hour call to repair. Each level is designed to enable businesses to spend less time managing IT issues and more time focusing on what they do best.
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[1] IDC White Paper Sponsored by HP and Intel, The Business Value of the HP Proactive Insight Experience, Doc# 239199, March, 2013


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