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Cut IT complexity

Cut IT complexity

February 2014

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, the gap between business demand and traditional IT supply is continually widening, due in large part to the proliferation of as-a-service technology, tech-savvy workers, and increased business complexity [1]. To drive innovation, businesses need a new IT approach that cuts through the complexity and enables them to quickly capitalize on emerging trends such as Big Data and modern delivery models like cloud.  

Historical perspective
During the last two decades, IT has focused primarily on technology integration. This evolutionary trend was in direct response to the component-focused model that IT has followed for 20+ years.

What many businesses now realize is that this model no longer scales quickly enough to support business innovation. Too many products, too many tools, and overly complex processes force IT to spend too many resources on maintenance and not enough on innovation. In fact, many enterprises commonly spend 75 percent of their data center budget on operational expenses. With so little budget remaining, enterprises cannot deploy the new technology that would allow them to enhance agility, reduce OpEx, and capitalize on innovations such as social, mobile, cloud and Big Data.

Looking ahead
To break free of yesterday’s component-focused model, IT must elevate from “infrastructure craftsmen” to “business service experts.” Rather than spend time and effort on component selection, system design, and solution integration, IT needs to focus its scarce resources on understanding how technology can support new opportunities and increase business efficiency. For example, instead of investing in the skills to optimize performance of new workloads such as Big Data, IT needs to focus on maximizing the business value of these solutions.

Enabling IT organizations to meet this goal requires integrated systems that arrive ready to run, right out of the box—while also meeting ITs application needs. This is the premise upon which the new HP Converged System portfolio is built.

Converging IT with HP Converged System
Offering out-of-the-box optimization, HP Converged System is ready to run on delivery. Performance-tuned for a particular application, these purpose-built systems are designed to handle key workloads, including virtualization, cloud and Big Data.

HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization Including everything you need for a complete virtualization solution, these systems provide faster deployment, comprehensive lifecycle management, and unified support. Go from order to operations in as little as 20 days with a solution that provides double the performance of comparable solutions for 25 percent lower entry price [2].
HP CloudSystem Enables enterprises and service providers to build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments on a simplified, integrated architecture.
HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica Blazingly fast analytics helps you gain deeper insights into enterprise-wide Big Data, powered by HP Vertica Analytics.
HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops Based on the revolutionary HP Moonshot System, this all-in-one solution delivers hosted desktops for Citrix XenDesktop environments, providing end users with a PC-like experience, while delivering up to 44 percent improvement in TCO [3].
HP Converged System for SAP HANA Leverage the power of in-memory computing technology so you can process massive quantities of data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analysis and transactions.

Learn more at HP Converged System.

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