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Marketing to mobile moms

Marketing to mobile moms

June 2014

Moms have always been a lucrative marketing target: According to a 2013 survey by Burst Media, they make more than three-fourths of the household decisions for grocery shopping, furniture, vacations, large household appliances, and home and car repairs [1]. They’ve also been eager mobile adopters—walk by any playground and you’ll see just about every mom check her phone while her kids are at play.

So, how can small businesses take advantage of the mobile moms? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Don’t try to find the “Typical Mom”
It’s true that moms share many characteristics in their mobile habits, but there is plenty of diversity within their ranks. If you’re targeting the “typical mom,” you won’t find her. Start off by determining who your particular “target mom” is—the customer profile that would be most interested in your business—and focus your efforts on reaching out to her.

Design response-ibly
Let’s face it: Most small businesses can’t afford to develop a dedicated app for their product. What you can do is develop a responsive design for your company’s website. Responsive design means a website “responds” to the type of device it’s being used on—desktop or mobile—and presents a layout designed for that device. This is important even if your business isn’t an e-commerce site. Moms like to research before they purchase—they’re careful with their money and not generally impulse buyers—so presenting your product or service to them in a clean, mobile-optimized way will give you a leg up on your competitors.

Advertise two ways: mobile and in-app
According to the BabyCenter® 2013 Mobile Mom Report, 46 percent of moms have taken some sort of action after seeing an ad on their smartphone [2]. That’s exciting news for your small business, making the Google AdWords tool an easy and economical way to target moms as they search online. And even if your business already has its own mobile app, you should still take advantage of advertising on third-party apps popular with moms. Facebook and Pinterest are the obvious social networks to advertise on, but also consider product review apps.

Consider coupons
Another major opportunity is coupons. The Burst survey revealed that three out of five moms share or post product coupons and sales incentives on social media [1]. Promotional code coupons are ideal for moms to share socially if your business is ecommerce-based and has the infrastructure to support them. If not, advertising your deals on popular coupon apps is a great way to get the word out. And if your business has a list of email subscribers, make sure your emails are optimized for mobile and have a big, prominent “share this deal” button to make it easy for moms to forward the message to their friends.

Get friendly with SMS
Sending users marketing messages via push notifications is trendy but requires app integration. That’s why small businesses with customer databases should think about SMS messaging, or text messages, as a viable alternative. According to BabyCenter, a whopping 96 percent of moms use their smartphones for text messaging [2]. Consider using SMS to send a weekly tip, a calendar reminder, or an SMS-exclusive promotional code.

Target moms on the go
Here’s where things get a little more hi-tech. Want to reach moms when they’re in the vicinity of your retail store (or even a competitor’s store)? Google AdWords also supports location targeting, which helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you'll find moms on the go. Your business can also sign up with a coupon app like Yowza, which will send push notifications to their users when they’re near your store. Look out for more location-based marketing services from apps moms already know and like, such as Foursquare, in the near future.

As with all mobile consumers, if you want to market to mobile-savvy moms, you have to make sure your small business is mobile savvy too. Staying up-to-date on the latest smartphones, tablets and mobile trends will make sure you can always reach moms—wherever they are.

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[1] Burst Media, The Online Mom—Mobile, Savvy, Influential and Decisive, August 2013.
[2] BabyCenter, BabyCenter® Reveals Profile of 2013 Mobile Mom, September 24, 2013



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