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July 2014

Employees today expect access to the information they need from any device, anywhere, anytime. Adding a central server to your IT infrastructure can help you provide that while also overcoming vulnerabilities and achieving maximum productivity.

As is often the case with most small- to mid-sized businesses without a central server, valuable data typically resides on the personal PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and USB drives of employees. But allowing your employees to use their own devices for storage means you need to be proactive in preventing drive failure, viruses, malware, and loss or theft.

Plus, if employees are still relying on email to share important files, their productivity could be impacted as they waste precious time sorting through multiple versions and consolidating edits to make sure they have the latest correct information.

So, what’s the solution? Deploying a central first server can provide you with remote access, collaboration tools, and consistent backup and security solutions to increase productivity and protect your critical business assets. The HP Just Right IT program focuses on the IT enablement of businesses like yours. In addition, you can address the specific IT infrastructure challenges you’re facing with HP ServeIT’s Flex-BundleFirst Server Solutions with Microsoft, built on the HP ProLiant Gen8 platform.

Visit HP ServeIT solutions to learn more about HP solutions built for small and midsize businesses or speak to your HP Partner. 

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