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Why creatives are choosing the HP Z Workstation

Why creatives are choosing the HP Z Workstation

July 2014

How do you get your team to push boundaries? By giving your most creative minds the tools they need to do their best work. For a long time, Apple workstations like the Mac Pro were considered the default tool for pros in web design, gaming, and video fields; but the advent of powerful PCs that can smoothly run everything from 3D modeling software to 2D and 3D video editors has changed the game. Now, creatives have a real choice about how they want to work.

At the forefront of all this is the HP Z Workstation series, some of the most powerful, flexible and—most importantly for organizations on a budget—upgradeable workstations out there. The dual processing HP Z820 Workstation offers HP’s ultimate performance for ultimate projects, while the HP ZBook mobile series lets you showcase your best work wherever you are. In the middle is the HP Z1 G2 Workstation, an all-in-one workstation with a brilliant display and the latest technologies in an elegant, easily customizable design.

Here are some more reasons why HP Z workstations are a great fit for your creative team.

1. They’re flexible
The Z series lets you to configure your workstation your way. If you’re on a budget, start with a base model and only build with the pieces you need. Easily access, customize, and maintain system components with a tool-less and visually cable-free chassis—ideal for direct connections with drives and power supplies. Connect in a flash with 4X USB 3.0 bandwidth on an optional high-performance ThunderboltTM 2.0 port [1]. Do your work the way you want to do it—you have options galore.

2. They won’t fall out of date
Because of the ability to customize and upgrade, you don’t have to worry about your hardware no longer being supported in few years. With the Z series, you can change most components or make upgrades on your own without tools or a service technician. Simply snap open the chassis and customize to fit your needs. If your business is on a tight budget, this flexibility can save you money down the road.

3. They’re powerful
Plan to give your workstation a creative workout with big graphics or video editing? HP Z workstations give you muscle. Avoid nasty big-data bottlenecks with the all-new Turbo Drive, the first cost-effective PCIe-based SSD (Solid State Drive) for desktop workstations. Looking for a laptop with muscle? Showcase your best work using a vivid 17.3-inch diagonal optional HP DreamColor display on the new Z Book 17 workstation. Take advantage of HP’s most powerful processing and graphics, consistent color throughout your workflow, simple scalability, and the blazing-fast connectivity your team needs to perform and collaborate at the speed of creativity.

4. They handle multiple users easily
Is your creative team always in the same place at the same time? Of course not. That’s what HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 is for. With RGS 7.0 multiple users can collaborate in real-time with workstation-class productivity—without sacrificing performance.

5. It’s smooth sailing with your software
Have concerns about how your design and video software will run on your Z workstation? Worry no more. For example, the entire Adobe® Creative Suite, including creative staples such as Photoshop, runs quickly and beautifully on the Z series. And you’ll maintain color consistency across your entire digital workflow (even on your laptop) with optional HP DreamColor display [2].

The bottom line? The Z series is a smooth ride: Easy to use, packs a punch, makes your work look great, and is easily upgradeable—the perfect choice for creatives everywhere.
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[1] Thunderbolt™ 2 is available via an optional add-in card on desktop Z workstations, and is standard on Zbooks. Thunderbolt is new technology. Thunderbolt cable and Thunderbolt device (sold separately) must be compatible with Windows. To determine whether your device is Thunderbolt Certified for Windows, see thunderbolttechnology.net/products.
[2] Sold as an optional feature.

Adobe, Creative Suite, and Photoshop are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Intel® and Thunderbolt™ are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.



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