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Wireless printing. Easy.

Wireless printing. Easy.

June 2014

With the breakaway popularity of tablets, smartphones and hybrid notebooks, employees can now connect on the go. It’s no stretch to say the wireless revolution has turned into an everyday workplace reality. One recent survey even showed 70 percent of businesses are allowing their employees to use mobile devices for work [1].

But despite the popularity of mobile technology, one device has been increasingly left behind in the race to go wireless: the office printer. And it’s time for this business mainstay to catch up. With new wireless add-ons from HP, upgrading your current office printer into a wireless workhorse can be a lot easier—and less expensive—than you might think.

Why go wireless?
Wireless printing offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Safe access: New solutions let you enjoy the benefits of wireless printing without stinting on security. HP wireless direct and touch to-print provide direct wireless connections to individual printers, without accessing your company network. With an isolated peer-to-peer connection, guests and employees can print from their mobile devices without worrying about putting your network and data at risk.
  • Reduced clutter: Instead of taking up space on your desk, wireless printers cut the clutter by making network cables unnecessary, allowing you to place them where it’s most convenient for everybody in the office.
  • Mobile printing: TechNavio reports that the most requested feature in mobile devices is the ability to print [2]. Printers set up for wireless printing help ensure you can print from whatever device you’re using, without having to go back to a workstation or log in to the company network [3].
  • Easy sharing: Going wireless makes sharing your printer with coworkers and guests simple. Instead of having to transfer files to someone else’s computer, or giving them access to your corporate network, clients can print out that forgotten handout from their own mobile device.

Making the jump
Upgrading your printer to enable wireless access doesn’t have to be as complicated or as expensive as you might think. Here are three simple ways to cut the cord, while protecting your investment:

  • Wireless direct: HP wireless direct is a feature that allows any Wi-Fi capable mobile device to make a wireless connection directly to select HP printers [4]. The HP NFC/Wireless 1200w Mobile Print Accessory adds an HP wireless direct signal. So on a print-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet, being connected to the printer looks the same as being connected to a typical wireless network or hotspot [5, 6].
  • Touch-to-print: This Near Field Communication (NFC) technology automatically discovers the printer for you from an NFC print-enabled smartphone or tablet with just a touch, eliminating the guesswork and creating a one-to-one connection using wireless technology [7]. FutureSmart-enabled LaserJet Enterprise printers can add this functionality with the HP JetDirect 2800w NFC/Wireless Direct Accessory [8], while other printers can use the 1200w Mobile Print Accessory mentioned above.
  • Print server: The HP Jetdirect ew2500 802.11b/g Wireless Print Server lets you integrate your printer securely into your current wireless or wired network. Documents sent through the server are protected by several security and encryption features. It’s easy to connect the printer wirelessly to your network with the HP Install Network Printer Wizard. Once connected to the network, you can print from your mobile or desktop devices that are connected to the same network.

The ways we access our printers are rapidly changing. And that’s a good thing. Wireless printing reduces office clutter, helps you easily print from mobile devices, and helps make sharing your printer simple and secure. With the right wireless upgrade for your current office printer, you’ll soon be printing from the places your work takes you.

Learn how
Installing the HP NFC/Wireless 1200w Mobile Print Accessory

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[1] Smallbiztechnology.com, More Than Just Copies–How The Printer Is Staying Relevant, March 2013
[2] Technavio.com, The Mobile Printing Opportunity, November 2013
[3] Requires download of HP Printer Control app from third-party app stores. Mobile device requires wireless access point and Internet connection. Features controlled may vary by mobile device operating system. Scan/copy control requires mobile device and printer be on the same wireless network or through wireless direct connection to printer. For more details, see hp.com/go/mobileapps
[4] An app or driver may be required to use HP wireless direct. For details, see hp.com/go/wirelessprinting. Wireless performance is dependent on physical environment and distance from the printer.
[5] HP 1200w Mobile Print Accessory works with HP Officejet 100/150 Mobile printers and most HP LaserJet printers and multifunction products (MFPs) introduced in 2008 or later that are equipped with a USB port.
[6] For wireless direct printing, mobile device may require an app or print software. Wireless performance is dependent on physical environment and distance from the printer. Please note that while your mobile device is directly connected to the printer, access to content that requires Internet support (such as web pages or documents stored in the cloud) may not be supported while in HP wireless direct mode.
[7] For touch-to-print capability, mobile device must support NFC-enabled printing. For a list of supported devices, see hp.com/go/businessmobileprinting.
[8] HP Jetdirect 2800w works with HP LaserJet printers and MFPs equipped with HP FutureSmart Firmware and a hardware integration pocket.


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