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Learn the tools of the trade

November 2013

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, no matter what your industry, the right technology can make the difference between success and failure. This is especially true in rapidly expanding industries like those listed below, which rely on evolving technology to innovate, flourish and focus on customers.

Architecture, engineering and construction
Hand-drawn blueprints and on-the-fly solutions to construction snafus no longer get the job done. Today, architecture, engineering and construction companies rely on complex 3D models which allow them to identify and fix potential problems even before construction begins. And they use secure, mobile-enabled networks to ensure real-time communication with team members in the field.

Technologies essential to success include:

  • Data center services to power data-intensive CAD model processing and rendering
  • Cloud services to enable collaboration between the home office and field workers using mobile devices
  • Large-format printers to ensure that stakeholder presentations are of the highest resolution possible
  • Advanced analytics to optimize the provision of building materials, lower project costs, drive profits and speed project completion

Digital marketing and advertising
It’s no longer a Mad Men world. Today’s marketing and advertising firms require technology solutions to collect and understand data that reveals market trends, conceptualize and execute marketing plans, interact with target audiences and grow brand loyalty for client organizations.

Technologies these companies are using:

  • PCs and workstations to power the design of compelling, modern creative executions
  • High-resolution monitors to facilitate the perfection of creative executions
  • High-resolution printing services to power account-winning presentations and produce stand-out client campaigns
  • Analytics to aid in the understanding of market trends, measure the success of client campaigns, and hone those campaigns as necessary

Digital application development
The biggest driver of growth in this arena is an ever-increasing, and increasingly complex, array of mobile apps, from productivity and communication and collaboration tools to social games, which are projected to experience massive growth as mobile-device use expands around the world.

Technologies important to digital app developers include:

  • Analytics to predict demand for apps
  • Robust, scalable cloud services to facilitate rapid user adoption of apps with reduced risk of downtime
  • Game and multimedia testing solutions to help developers achieve market readiness by announced launch dates
  • Reliable, scalable e-commerce solutions to empower developers to meet user demand while maximizing revenue

Healthcare services
As the Baby Boomer generation ages, demand for healthcare solutions continues to accelerate. Leading hospitals and clinics, medical records organizations, and in-home medical services providers depend on advanced technologies to lower costs, reduce patient wait times and treatment error rates and improve product quality.

Technologies central to optimizing healthcare businesses include:

  • Storage solutions to ensure the security of and ready access to patient information
  • Networking solutions to eliminate patient care redundancies and ensure treatment is administered when patients need it
  • Healthcare portals to facilitate patient access to—and management of—healthcare records and treatment
  • Cloud services to ensure real-time access to and updating of patient data by care providers using mobile devices

Business services
A wide-ranging sector, business services span everything from management consulting to printing services to HR and staffing outsourcing.

Technologies used by this sector are equally wide-ranging, and include:

  • Servers that process mountains of data on behalf of clients
  • High-resolution printers to facilitate high-quality presentations to clients
  • Business intelligence solutions, to uncover strategic market insights for client organizations

Want a leg up on the competition, no matter what your industry? Make sure you have the right tech tools for the job.

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