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Making the best PC business even better

Making the Best PC Business Even Better

September 2011

What's the future of HP's Personal Systems Group (PSG)?

PSG is a leading manufacturer of personal computers in the world and had annual revenues of approximately $41 billion in fiscal year 2010. Its products are used by millions of consumers and business users worldwide.

We intend to make the best PC business in the world even better. To ensure you continue to have access to a leading, innovative portfolio of personal devices in a rapidly evolving market, HP is evaluating strategic alternatives for PSG with a preferred option to spin the business out into a standalone business. HP will announce a final decision by the end of this year.

In the meantime, it will be full speed ahead for PSG. We will continue to develop our roadmap for future products, aggressively bring new technology to market and build strong relationships with our supply chain partners. You'll still be able to buy HP PC products and services through our partners and online, and you'll continue to receive great customer service.

HP is confident that going forward PSG will be even more innovative, competitive and responsive to your needs  

What will happen to the product warranties?

HP is committed to our customers and to honoring all warranty obligations. The warranties provided with our PC products and services will be honored regardless of PSG's future ownership status.

Why is HP taking this step?                                                        

HP is transforming to create higher value, more strategic customer relationships and better position PSG to compete and win in a rapidly changing marketplace. The result will enable HP to continue to innovate and compete in a world that is undergoing an information explosion. We'll continue to build on our foundation of hardware, software and services to innovate solutions that help put relevant and meaningful information in the hands of people so they can take action.

Why did HP discontinue operations for the TouchPad and webOS phones? Is webOS going away?

No, webOS is not going away. Since its launch, webOS software has been praised for its differentiated user experience.  We know that many developers feel the operating system is elegantly designed and is a respected platform. However, our webOS devices have not gained enough traction in the marketplace with consumers.   By discontinuing operations for the devices, we will be able to focus more resources on areas where we can lead and create greater customer value.We are now focused on finding ways to expand the webOS software as a platform and to benefit from the recent shifts in the mobile space. We will also continue to support and deliver over-the-air updates.

HP announced plans to acquire Autonomy. Who is Autonomy and why is this important?

The amount of information in the world is doubling every 18 months. There is more varied and more unstructured data   ̶   video, images, free form text, email and more. The value in all that information is a huge opportunity for enterprises and people around the world.Our recently-announced offer to acquire Autonomy signals our intent to be the company that leads in helping customers win in this phase of the Information Age. Autonomy is a leading enterprise software company that focuses on harnessing the richness of information, including unstructured information. It has a customer base of more than 25,000 global companies and about 2,700 employees worldwide. It aligns with our strategy and would amplify our portfolio.

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