The experience to transform your company

HP has the broad portfolio and the vertical depth to transform your data center. Come to one of our workshops to understand how our experts can help your company. Learn about the infrastructure, facilities, management, application domains of transformation along with program management and organization at these workshops. During interactive and visual sessions, you can easily mobilize cross business and technology teams and make decisions about best data center opportunities.

We have the ability to transform and consult in all environments. We can help you figure out how to get where you want to go and make sure you get there by crafting and designing an individualized program.

Our experience with multiple technologies lets us leverage your current technology to the best of its ability. Put our experience helping thousands of companies through data center transformation to work for you.

Meeting your needs under financial constraints

Financial pressures are forcing companies to look to new technologies to save capital expenditures. Cloud computing is the biggest evolution in data center transformation. Cloud computing is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to internal customers using Internet technologies. Companies now have the option to purchase server capabilities from companies such as Google and Amazon.
HP Data Center Protection Services Suite

Our HP DC Protection Services Suite focuses on comprehensive security for your data center against physical and logical threats, while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance.

Data Center Consolidation

HP Data Center Consolidation Services will standardize and modernize while modernizing your infrastructure power and decreasing your energy consumption.

Consolidation ROI Analysis

When you need to know how much money consolidation and virtualization can save your company, come to us for answers.

Data Center Virtualization

Through virtualization, you can improve utilization, enable consolidation and reduce the number of physical assets managed by resource sharing while creating a more dynamic, economic IT environment.

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