HP Proactive 24 Services

Turning off the office lights at the end of the day doesn't mean business is closed. Because your business needs to stay up and running 365x24x7, HP Proactive 24 Services collaborates with your IT staff to provide around-the-clock monitoring, 365x24x7 issue resolution, four-hour onsite response for hardware issues, and sound advice. We assess your infrastructure to find areas needing improvement and assign an account support manager, design an account support plan, offer operating system patch analysis and management, and monitor for firmware/software updates.

You can also add enhancements for SAP or HP Fundamental ITSM Improvement Service with an HP ITIL-certified consultant to identify areas for service management improvements.

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Connect with HP technology experts like Richard Gamboa for HP Proactive 24 services, because your business needs to stay up and running 365x24x7.

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