Enhance contact center operations

HP Customer Engagement Management Services – Contact Center provides management and operation of outbound and inbound contact centers that handle high-value customer interactions related to complex business processes. Whether embedded in an industry-specific solution or as a standalone service, our services support your customers with multiple channels for voice and non-voice interactions throughout the entire customer life cycle from marketing, to sales, to service.

HP handles the complex stuff. Our services aren't just for solving simple problems like finding seat-fillers to answer contact center calls. We solve your most complex front office processes and make it look easy. We help you:

  • Increase revenues and accelerate growth through improved cross- and up-selling.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention and share of wallet.
  • Enhance brand recognition and equity.
  • Reduce operational costs and capital avoidance.
  • Mitigate operational risks and better manage compliance with policies and regulations.

Customer Engagement Management Services – Contact Center features

Marketing and Sales: Drives your revenue growth through customer acquisition activities, such as the use of analytics to target your ideal customers with personalized offers, up-selling, cross-selling and retention.

Customer Care: Balance improved customer satisfaction with reduced operation costs in handling your post-sale interactions such as complex product and service inquiries, billing, credit and collection issues, fraud and crisis management, and product returns.

Technical Support: Improve your first call resolution and customer retention through the delivery of technical services such as product troubleshooting and usage for consumer and enterprise technologies, remote diagnosis and resolve, product warranty administration, root cause analysis and escalation including field dispatch.


Engage in productive and profitable conversations with your customers in social networks

The rapid adoption of social media, new channels, and devices has shifted the balance of power away from the organization to the customer. Organizations are being left out of the conversations their customers are having in social networks.

HP Customer Engagement Management Services – Social, help organizations engage with their customers in social networks. We provide two service models, which are best when bundled, that allow you to effectively manage customer relationships while keeping pace with social technologies – Social Media Analysis facilitated by HP Social Media Analysts and HP Agent Services to manage customer interactions in social networks. Our service helps you:

  • Humanize your company so customers see you as a trusted peer
  • Equip Sales with more relevant information about your customers
  • Gain greater insight into the behavior and sentiments of customers and spot new trends early
  • Empower Customer Service teams to provide a memorable service by proactively responding to customers on the customers' terms

End-to-end and vertical contact centers solutions

Government Healthcare BPO Services—Supporting provider and recipient inquiries for Medicare and 22 of 35 Medicaid outsourcing states

Card Processing Services—Managing prepaid and credit card application, usage, and fraud issues for card holders and merchants

Credit Services—Providing personal loan and mortgage support for borrowers and lenders

Consumer Direct Services—Handling subscriber sales, retention, and service issues for continuity-based customers

Finance & Administration Services—Providing services for source-to-settle (that is, accounts payable) and order-to cash (that is, accounts receivable) to both suppliers and customers

Flood Insurance Services—Managing policy administration from underwriting, premium billing, claims processing, and online support

Warranty Services—Handling servicing dealer's warranty entitlement and administration issues