Oracle Agility Alliance

HP and Oracle are collaborating to deliver database, middleware and infrastructure software. As part of the Agility Alliance, Oracle joins a powerful federation that provides significant client value through multilateral cooperation.

HP and Oracle are also developing joint offerings in Application Management and Implementation. This development combines infrastructure and hosting services with Oracle's expertise in delivering flexible business solutions. The partnership has expanded to include a joint effort in Tax and Revenue Management. This is the first of a number of industry-based initiatives HP will be executing with Oracle.

The HP-Oracle alliance also provides CRM applications as a key standard component of the HP Agile Enterprise Platform. This next generation of IT services will become the industry BPO gold standard – providing streamlined processes and better, more complete customer information that enables higher levels of more personalized services and marketing strategies.

HP is integrating Oracle's best practices, CRM applications, market-leading analytics products, industry knowledge and business processes. This integration provides the ability to build and deliver cross industry and industry specific outsourcing solutions.