Integration & Implementation Services provide a solid foundation for information initiatives that support your business objectives. HP delivers the technical, process and organizational architectures to capture, manage and integrate information assets across initiatives. The result? A consistent and extensible technical foundation for delivering business value to your enterprise based on available information assets.

HP Integration & Implementation Services provide:

  • A sound data foundation for business intelligence and information management initiatives
  • Transformation of BI environments from multiple disconnected systems into a single consolidated program
  • A roadmap and robust data model for all your business intelligence initiatives
  • An extensible framework that adapts to changing business environments
  • Flexible structures based on industry trends and best practices
  • Improved data sharing and collaboration among customer, employees and partners

Content Management Services

Securely capture, manage, retain, and deliver unstructured data to the right place at the right time, enhancing business processes and nurturing innovation. HP Content Management Services address all aspects of enterprise content management including document, image, records and web content management, along with hosting and managing repositories, to simplify the management of unstructured data from conception to retirement.

Data Integration Services

Develop and manage complex data integration and information delivery with solutions that leverage HP proprietary methodologies, innovative expertise and key partner technologies. Our complete solution includes discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from multiple disconnected sources into a single set of data, enabling more insightful business decisions.

Master Data Management Services

Simplify data and improve data value with the organizational structure, processes, procedures and architectures to manage master data and control information quality. These services support simplification of data sharing across the organization and improve data consistency and accuracy to ensure that decision makers work from a single, accurate and unified view of information.

Portals and Collaboration Services

Enable improved communications while reducing cost and limiting risk through a well-structured and fully-connected collaborative infrastructure. HP Portals and Collaboration Services helps enterprises create web portals that provide employees, partners or customers a single, unified view into the information and services that you want to make available to them. Users can access and share information, find resources and other users, collaborate on projects, and initiate business or employee transactions. HP Portals and Collaboration Services is a managed service; we design the solution, implement it, and manage it for you on your site or ours.



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