HP Benefits - Hong Kong

We believe that people are the key to our success. In order to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce who helps us maintain a critical advantage in our fiercely competitive marketplace, we provide market-competitive compensation and benefits.

In addition, we believe that employees should have the opportunity of ownership and a share in the value they help create. Thus, the rewards should be proportional to each employee’s contribution to our success.

Rewards Package
    - Competitive salary commensurate with individual competence and expertise.
    - Contractual bonus where appropriate.
Variable Compensation
    - Variable performance bonus
    - Sales incentives
    - Executive incentives
    - Business specific incentives
Equity Programs
    - Share ownership plan
Leave Programs
    - Annual vacation
    - Sick leave
    - Maternity
    - Paternity
    - Compassionate
    - Marriage
    - Examination
Medical Programs
    - Clinical
    - Hospitalization
    - Dental
    - Supplementary major medical
    - Life
    - Accidental death & dismemberment
    - Total permanent disability
    - Health Program
    - Physical check-up
Tax Effective Program
    - Rental Reimbursement
Retirement Scheme
Recognition Programs