Expand the ROI of your HP servers

When internal drive slots are filled on your HP ProLiant servers or HP BladeSystem, address your growing needs with HP Disk Enclosures—flexible, modular solutions that simplify capacity expansion.

What’s new

HP D3000 Enclosures—with end-to-end 12Gb SAS and HP Smart Drive Carrier support, these enclosures provide cost effective direct-attach storage for HP’s Gen8 and Gen9 servers.

What are you looking for?

Flexible expansion for HP Gen8 and Gen9 servers
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Boost your capacity. Get low cost, high-capacity external storage and take advantage of the latest 12Gb SAS and HP SmartDrive carriers to provide additional capacity on your ProLiant Gen8 or Gen9 servers and BladeSystem.

Our solution:

HP D3000 Disk Enclosures

HP D3000 data sheet

Density for capacity optimization
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Get high density, low cost, externally zoned direct-attach storage for HP BladeSystem—with end to end 6Gb connectivity.

Our solution:

HP D6000 Disk Enclosures

HP D6000 data sheet

Flexible expansion for HP G7 servers
disk-enclosure-D2700 | 220x160

Need to grow the storage capacity of your HP ProLiant G7 servers and HP BladeSystem? Get low-cost, high-capacity, external storage—managed with HP Smart Array controllers—and the flexibility to leverage the 6Gb SAS hard drives and SSDs.

Our solution:

HP D2000 Disk Enclosures

HP D2000 data sheet

Simply StoreIT: storage solutions for small and midsize business
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Whether your company is in start-up mode or evolving an established IT infrastructure, get storage solutions to support every stage of your growing business.

Our solution:

HP SimplyStoreIT

Storage solutions that are easy to manage, affordable to own and reliable to operate.

Including solutions for:

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server

Why choose HP Disk Enclosures?

  • Affordable—Cost-effectively extend and grow your existing storage capacity

  • Scalable—Leverage HP Smart Array technology with the latest SAS/SATA hard drives and SSDs

  • Simple—Intuitive setup and day-to-day interaction through ProLiant management tools


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