HP XP: where constant access to data is required
HP XP Storage is a proven seven 9s platform for mission-critical storage applications where constant access to data is required. Count on always-on disaster recovery, advanced high availability and unmatched performance.

What’s new?
HP XP7 Storage keeps multiple high-performance concurrent workloads up and running and protected with simultaneous advanced disaster recovery, FIPS 140-2 data at rest encryption and superior performance for best-in-class total cost of ownership. 

What are you looking for?

Mission-critical storage with the lowest TCO and highest performance in its class
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Your data center needs mission-critical seven 9s reliability and advanced disaster recovery solutions with superior consolidation and TCO delivering the lowest risk and highest levels of data protection.

Our solution:

HP XP7 Storage
Unique combination of virtualization technologies supporting always-on disaster recovery and enhanced high availability plus unmatched performance and a 2x density advantage1

HP XP7 data sheet

Bulletproof storage for mission-critical Converged Infrastructure
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Your organization cannot afford any downtime. That’s why you need bulletproof storage for your mission-critical Converged Infrastructure—with constant access to data even in the event of a disaster.

Our solution:

HP XP P9500 Storage
High-performance, online-scalable, fully redundant hardware platform combined with data replication capabilities, integrated with clustering solutions for complete business continuity

HP P9500 data sheet

Options and upgrades for investment protection
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If you are an existing HP XP customer, you may rely on your XP system to provide critical data for 3-to-10 years after purchase.

Our solution:

Upgrades, expansions, maintenance and support for many years plus support and maintenance for older XP arrays in and out of warranty

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Relax! Data is where you need it, when you need it.

All HP XP Storage software is designed and engineered to never compromise availability and always protect your data. XP software provides a rich set of data services for the most demanding application workloads, while automating, optimizing and increasing TBs managed per administrator. XP7 continues the XP data services legacy, offering more virtualization, increased availability and reduced business risk.

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