Do you need to increase storage efficiency, improve data governance, or reduce risk by archiving unstructured data? HP StoreAll Gateway Storage attached to HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage provides hyperscale, harnessed, instant, economic storage to tame and mine your expanding archives. It can also be seamlessly integrated with HP StoreAll Storage.

StoreAll increases your return on information, infrastructure, and individuals by enabling you to effectively store, retain, protect, manage, access, AND extract value from growing unstructured data. StoreAll scales out massively without complexity to 16 petabytes of billions of files and objects.

It brings structure to unstructured data with retention, WORM, auditing, and data integrity validation. Metadata analytics and search can be performed up to 100,000X faster with Express Query – enabling sophisticated storage administration and enhancing integrated applications.

Costs can be scaled down over time with policy-based tiering.


Hyperscale: Massive Scalability Without Complexity

Seamlessly scale out with HP StoreAll Gateway Storage, including in combination with StoreAll Storage, to 16 petabytes of billions of files and objects.
Deploy traditional and new generation cloud archive applications with data access via a broad range of included file protocols and native OpenStack Object Storage API.
Manage StoreAll Gateways and your data from the central, web-based Management Console.

Harnessed: Structure for Unstructured Data

HP StoreAll Gateway Storage enables adherence to your organization's governance policies with data retention services and WORM file immutability.
Conduct forensics for timely administrator action with pervasive auditing of file system events.
Add meaning to your data with embedded custom metadata tagging using StoreAll Express Query.
Proactively manage long term data durability with integrated data integrity validation.

Instant: Up to 100,000X Faster Analytics and Search

Make metadata informed storage administration decisions orders of magnitude more quickly using StoreAll Express Query-powered reporting within HP StoreAll Gateway Storage.
Enhance applications by integrating with the StoreAll Express Query REST API, and avoid the cost and complexity of an external metadata database.

Economic: Scale Down Costs of Storing Data Over Time

HP StoreAll Gateway Storage optimizes your costs throughout the data lifecycle with policy-based tiering.
Modularly add capacity and performance as your archive expands with the pay-as-you-grow architecture.
Leverage the rich set of all inclusive software features for data retention, protection, optimization, and management.
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