The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller Software provides a unified control point in an SDN-enabled network, simplifying management, provisioning, and orchestration. This enables delivery of a new generation of application-based network services for campus, data center or service provide environment.

The VAN SDN Controller is the building block of the HP Open SDN Ecosystem (including the HP SDN App Store and SDN Software Development Kit), allowing third party developers to deliver innovative solutions to dynamically link business requirements to network infrastructure.


Open Programmable Interface

The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller Software enables HP and 3rd parties to develop SDN applications using a choice of languages with rapid deployment.

The Controller allows for orchestration of applications and automation of network functions.

The HP VAN SDN Controller is compliant with OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3, SNMP and NetConf protocols.

Centralized and Resilient Platform

The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller Software provides centralized automation for SDN-enabled networks including discovery of the network topology and shortest path forwarding.

The VAN SDN Controller integrates with Intelligent Management Center (IMC) for full fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security management.

Highly Available and Scalable

The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller Software is designed to provide a high-performance controller.

The Controller is highly available- in case of failure it provides for continued operation of the network.

Robust Security

The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller Software uses robust authentication and authorization of users and applications.

The architecture allows for secure connections between SDN-enabled switches and the controller.



Platform required:
PostgreSQL 9.1; OpenJDK 7 JVM; Keystone Identity
Software (recommended):
  • Server: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit
System requirements, recommended:
  • Server: Intel x86-64 processor with six or more logical cores, each with a speed of 2.6 GHz or higher
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 64 GB
  • 1000 Mbps
Technical notes:
  • Performance
  • - Maximum OpenFlow devices/ports: 4,000/80,000
  • - Maximum connected hosts: 30,000
  • - Maximum new flows per second (cbench): 2.3 million (single controller)
  • - Maximum new flows per second (cbench): 6.5 million (3 controller team)

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

What's included

What's included

What's in the box:
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