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The following training topics are offered outside of Hong Kong with many available via virtual instructor-led training:

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Management Of Change

MOC is a systematic approach of facilitating technology adoption in an organisation, providing proactive ways of risk management.

Customers can expect :
•Speedy adoption of technology by employees
•Proficiency in operation



* Early Birds: 10% discount apply to list price when enrollment made    one month prior to course commencement date.
   (The Early Bird Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other    discount.)

* Additional discount can be applied if enrolling 15 or more participants    for the same class and same schedule.
   (Only for HF421s, HF437s, HF438s, HF439s, HF440s, HF441s, HF427s,    HF428s, HF429s, HF430s, BD100s,BD120s,CC100s, and HK258s)

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