20th Century Fox on the Journey to the Converged Cloud

John Herbert is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at 20thCentury Fox Film.

The “journey to the converged cloud” might sound like the title of a movie, but at 20th Century Fox Film, it’s a different kind of blockbuster: the path to a world-class digital supply chain focused on operational excellence for managing media.

One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures, 20th Century Fox Film produces, acquires and distributes motion pictures throughout the world.

Like most enterprises, our IT department has historically allocated a significant amount of resources to ongoing operations and we’re constantly challenged with keeping up with the pace of our business using traditional IT infrastructure. We expect our journey to HP’s Converged Infrastructure and Converged Cloud to change that as we move to creating an industry-leading digital supply chain empowered by HP technology.

The new HP solution will allow us to address three core business areas:


First, our speed to market.  We must deliver solutions to support our content management needs at the pace our business is running.  The Converged Cloud approach allows us the scalability and flexibility our business requires to transport and automatically deliver content to our customer’s digital ecosystems. The outcome of this approach will be the ability to do so in a matter of hours, rather than days for traditional media delivery.  We plan to use the bursting capability of HP CloudSystem to burst to HP’s public cloud when peak demand requires additional capacity, so that valuable resources do not lie idle when no longer needed.  Furthermore, security risks to our high-value content is growing, and HP gives us the ability to create high-security cloud zones for media management and content distribution, delivering the full flexibility of a digital enterprise while mitigating the risk.  The Converged Cloud will fundamentally change how we support our customers as we go to market with our products.

Efficiency and Scalability

Second, HP’s cloud solution will help us to redefine the boundaries of our global enterprise, while still being highly efficient and scalable.  Because we support several entities across 90 countries, we need to collaborate and coordinate decision-making on a moment-to-moment basis.  Now we will be able to manage and support our customer requirements for delivery marketing, promotional and production content, managing several million media files across our worldwide ecosystem.

Business Alignment

Third, the Converged Cloud will transform our IT department to even better align with the business. We aim to reverse the operations vs. innovation ratio, shifting more resources to creating new applications and services that drive business results.

A Bright Future

For us, HP’s Converged Infrastructure with HP CloudSystem has been a winning combination.  We plan to cut compute and storage provisioning times from 5 weeks to 15 minutes, reduce the cost and footprint of our data centers by 70 percent, drive real-time consumption and capacity monitoring, as well as provide a transparent and competitive cost structure that will be rate-card driven. We continue to build upon our world-class digital media supply chain by transforming into a cloud-enabled enterprise, to deliver the scalability and agility our business partners demand.  In addition to media management, this highly efficient, cost-competitive cloud solution provides an ideal environment to support our internal cross-divisional customer needs.