Buzzworthy Moments from HP Discover Las Vegas 2014

By now you’ve heard a lot of buzz around our recent announcements from HP Discover in Las Vegas. From industry-leading infrastructure to futuristic computing, our new products are built to make possible the New Style of IT. We’re bringing you the people behind the products to provide a recap on everything you need to know from HP Discover.

HP ConvergedSystem: the biggest, baddest hunter in the sea

Built to be the “biggest, baddest hunter in the sea,” the newest release from HP ConvergedSystem, also known as “Sharks,” is the industry’s only truly integrated infrastructure. Fast, simple and cloud-compatible, these pre-integrated purpose-built systems are delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

Watch this video to hear more from Tom Joyce, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Converged Systems, and Paul Miller, Vice President, Marketing, HP Converged Systems, about how HP is driving cutting-edge business innovations with the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA portfolio:

HP Apollo: redefining HPC economics

An arsenal of products and services from the new HP Apollo family, including the world’s first 100-percent liquid-cooled supercomputer with built-in technology that protects the hardware, are helping revolutionize our customers’ data centers. Designed to help all of our enterprise customers—no matter the size—use HPC to unleash their potential, the HP Apollo family of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions combines a state-of-the-art modular design with innovative power distribution and cooling techniques to address the specific space, power and data center efficiency challenges of HPC environments.

Watch this video to hear more from James Chen, Vice President of Product Development and Engineering, HP IT, about how HP is helping reduce data center footprint and continuing to increase computing capabilities with the HP Apollo 6000:

HP Atalla: keeping your enterprise safe and sound

When you park your car on the street, you don’t leave the keys on the dashboard. Right? When it comes to protecting your enterprise data, the same rules apply. HP Atalla solutions, the latest release from HP Enterprise Security, offer encryption solutions that safeguard data throughout its entire life cycle to ensure continuous protection of an organization’s most sensitive information.

Watch this video to hear more from Albert Biketi, General Manager, HP Atalla, about how HP is enabling organizations to secure data on employees’ devices, in the data center, and in the cloud using HP Atalla data security and key management:

The Machine: changing the future of computing

News outlets are still buzzing about our announcement that HP is changing the future of computing with The Machine. We were careful not to call it a server, a data center, a workstation, a laptop, a notebook or a phone…because ultimately, it can be all of these things. The Machine encompasses all of these types of computing while delivering increased performance using less energy. Does it sound like science fiction? It’s the future.

Watch this video to hear more from Martin Fink, HP Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, about how HP Labs is rethinking what computing means and how it’s transforming every aspect of business:


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