Cloud-enabled e-Health Centers: Bringing quality healthcare to rural areas

In honor of World Health Day this week, we want to take a moment to imagine a world where healthcare isn’t geographically biased, where residents in remote areas of the world can receive the same care as those who live in larger cities and where access to basic medical treatment isn’t miles away. HP is committed to making this a reality—working with governments and NGOs to bring technology-enabled healthcare to remote locations and positively impact the world around us.

eHealth Centers (eHC) are powerful, cloud-enabled, healthcare solutions that connect residents in remote areas with quality medical care. Some eHCs are even housed in shipping containers so they can be quickly transported to remote areas by air, rail or land.

In India, over 27,000 people have already received access to quality medical care through an eHC. Our eHC in Andhra Pradesh, India, is the fourth in the country, joining existing centers in Chausala (Haryana), Myinapur (Uttar Pradesh) and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). Together, these eHCs will continue to provide accessibility to quality health services for rural areas. Considering almost 70 percent of India’s population live in rural areas, while only two percent of the nation’s doctors live there, the need is great.

The technology

In Aliabad (Andhra Pradesh), we worked with partners to transform an existing rural health center into an e-Health Center by deploying a fully integrated cloud technology solution designed by HP.  This technology will connect the medical equipment at the eHC with an e-Health Cloud that collects basic patient health data to enable better medical diagnosis. The Aliabad eHC will also provide remote consultation services using built-in videoconferencing options, allowing the staff to tap into medical specialist expertise around the world.

Why it matters

What is the benefit of an eHealth Center? eHCs integrate healthcare delivery and health data collection for improved medical diagnostics and research. eHCs provide efficient, affordable and deployable health services by:

  • Centralizing patient information
  • Tracking health patterns and risk factors
  • Providing health profiles of the region and monitoring daily usage
  • Delivering comprehensive analytics through the eHC dashboard
  • Informing healthcare policymakers with valuable data

Watch the video below to see the impact of an eHC in Chausala:

Just the beginning

In India alone, approximately two million residents in eHealth Centers’ rural catchment areas now have access to quality healthcare. But that’s just the beginning; we are looking to expand this offering to Bhutan and Philippines in the near future. Paul Ellingstad, director of Human Progress Initiatives for HP Corporate Affairs, explains that through these initiatives, “we are rapidly scaling up the accessibility, affordability and equity in healthcare, particularly in remote areas where the need is greatest.  Creating a better future for everyone through our actions and innovation is what we call Living Progress.”

eHealth Centers are  just one example of HP’s Living Progress initiatives and our people and technology coming together to help solve some of society’s most complex problems.