Creating Leaders: HP’s Technical Career Path

HP was founded on the belief that great talent is the force behind leading ingenuity. This began with Bill and Dave in the garage and lives on today in our tech DNA. That’s why Meg and the leadership team are continuing to support professional development programs that attract, develop and retain the industry’s best innovators.

Today, a key element of our turnaround is empowering our people to drive the innovations of tomorrow. HP’s Technical Career Path is a great example of a program that’s intended to build an innovation-focused culture. The path values contributions and business results, rewards innovation, and provides job satisfaction for technologists. The program is the product of comprehensive studies and was developed by technical, business and HR leadership.


In total, nearly 70,000 Technical Career Path employees work within engineering, information technology, consulting and a variety of development roles that support our business units. These employees are not only driving new technologies in key growth areas, but they are helping to form a strong partnership between technologists and management. While many of our best technology minds are taking advantage of this path to become our top leaders, many are also driving innovation and growing their career at HP without ever becoming a manager.


The path currently supports many of the employees behind HP Moonshot, the Slate 7 and our newest solutions for the new style of IT. For a deeper look into the breadth of the program and its global reach, check out the infographic below.