Discover 2013: HP Converged Cloud

Enterprises are moving to the cloud at a rapid rate to gain benefits to agility, cost effectiveness and time to market.  As they consider the cloud environment, they are faced with the reality that it’s truly a hybrid world. In an environment of increasing complexity—partially due to security, governance and interoperability— organizations are seeking solutions that help them better manage, secure and scale their hybrid environment. Our professional services team is helping thousands of customers with their cloud strategy and implementation journey.

Yesterday at Discover, we announced a set of products and services that will support us in leading enterprises on a hybrid journey bridging traditional IT and cloud. We will be better equipped to help our cloud customers:

  • Build and operate: HP is taking the concept of “open cloud” to a different level with the new HP CloudSystem integrated with OpenStack® technology; it’s the most open yet secure private cloud solution on the market, helping organizations eliminate vendor lock-in with the benefit of an integrated and scalable stack. Through our existing CloudSystems offerings, we are the trusted partner and market leader in the private cloud. In fact, about 1,100 customers and 40 percent of the Fortune 100 is using our Converged Cloud solutions and services.
  • Plan and implement: HP’s Hybrid Cloud Design Professional Services offers a highly modular design approach to help organizations architect a cloud solution that aligns with their technical, organizational and business needs.
  • Consume and deploy: Our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Portfolio is an enhanced version of the HP Managed Virtual Private Cloud and new HP Public Cloud VPC; it offers customers everything from standardized self-service to a customized, fully managed service model, while delivering the security and control of a private cloud in a multi-tenant cloud environment.   
  • Mange a hybrid environment: HP’s Hybrid Cloud Management Platform is an incredible tool for our customers.  HP’s cloud management software, Cloud Services Automation, now integrates with OpenStack technology-based Cloud OS to deliver a common user experience and a simplified portal to enable IT organizations to manage their entire environment, from traditional IT through public cloud. The HP Flexible Capacity Service (FCS) converts enterprise infrastructure into an on-demand service, delivering the benefits of best-in-class enterprise solutions with cloud economics—including pay-for-use and instant scalability in an on-premise service. Now FCS extends the service to heterogeneous IT environments with multi-vendor support.

HP is delivering on cloud with focus, urgency and clarity based on what customers are telling us they want – secure, scalable, enterprise-grade hybrid solutions that they can rely on. No other company can provide the support enterprises need for the entire journey across public, private and managed cloud in addition to traditional IT; no other company has the strength and experience in hardware and software. We make it, we support it and we service it, and we will continue to evolve along with our customers to harness the opportunities offered by this New Style of IT.