Driving Fan Engagement with NASCAR

In August, NASCAR debuted the NASCAR Social Wall Powered by HP at the Iowa Speedway. The event marked the first time the 6.5-by-28-foot social media visualization wall was on display at a NASCAR track.

At the race, the wall’s LED display screens kept fans up-to-date with aggregated Iowa Speedway-related posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The advanced high-resolution screen displayed a constant flow of real-time social media posts, plus nationwide racing stats with images of drivers like Chase Elliott. Powered by HP software—including Analytics and Data Management, developed in partnership with HP Labs—the wall allows NASCAR to engage with its millions of fans in real time, at the track and beyond.

With the social wall, we have built a platform for NASCAR to listen to fans’ communications and understand the dialogue around the live event. Aggregating social channels and putting them on display provides NASCAR with actionable data to further enhance the fan experience by sharing its voice in facilitating discussions, sharing videos and content around race events, race teams, drivers, sponsor, and partners. Ultimately, this helps attract and continuously engage audiences to grow the sport even more. Furthermore, the wall engages not only fans but drivers, who are now expressing interest in creating videos and other content to post on the screens.

The NASCAR Social Wall Powered by HP just scratches the surface of what our big data capabilities can do for our customers. Big data represents an enormous opportunity for enterprise customers to gain valuable business insights. It is one of our core focus areas, and through our HP HAVEn platform, we can deliver flexible, secure and high-speed data analytics solutions that can cost-effectively combine and process all forms of data for our customers. 

Since we worked with NASCAR to unveil the NASCAR Fan & Media Engagement Center in 2013, we have been continuing the close collaboration to enhance the fan experience and make it even more valuable to attend a race in person.

Intrigued? Read this article about the NASCAR Social Wall Powered by HP and then check out this video of the making of the wall: