Employee Engagement Can Improve with Help from Workday

Over 10 years ago, the world was introduced to something that would ultimately change our lives forever — social networking. From MySpace and Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, etc., we’ve embraced social media and haven’t let go.

Not only has such social networking impacted the way we keep up with friends, family and even “frenemies,” but it has also had a bearing on our professional lives. The instant communication from just about any device has spoiled us; we’ve come to expect the same access to technology at work that we have at home.

For businesses, this impact is new territory. Companies — including us — are working to improve how they interact with employees. With 300,000+ employees, engagement with these workers is critical. To help facilitate this, we’ve deployed Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to enhance overall employee and manager communication and satisfaction. HCM provides the usability and mobile capabilities that meet the expectations of today’s workforce.

Successfully implementing HCM internally has given us first-hand knowledge of how to deploy Workday in an organization’s existing environment, no matter how complex. So clients can benefit from our personal experience. Workday is a great example of a “New Style of IT” solution that incorporates cloud, mobile, social and big data — and HP’s expertise around all of these new technologies provides a nice complement to our expertise around Workday. We can help other organizations transition successfully to the cloud, and take full advantage of the accessibility, functionality and the lower cost that Workday offers.

That said, we’ve developed and made available our HP Enterprise Applications Services for Workday to help clients improve workforce engagement and their ability to effectively manage their talent. We have the ability to assist organizations with all aspects of a Workday deployment, including the configuration, integration, testing, management of change and program management, enabling them to take advantage of benefits like:

  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Capabilities to help improve employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower support, services and development costs

Every day, the world becomes more interconnected and digitized, and our relationship with Workday is helping clients gain a distinct, competitive advantage in this increasingly connected world. 

Workday as an organization is growing very rapidly, due to capabilities and business impact that its applications offer, as well as its focus on customer satisfaction. Our Applications Services for Workday business will grow alongside, creating considerable value for our mutual customers and a major revenue growth opportunity for HP.

As both a Workday partner and customer with a rapidly growing number of Workday-certified consultants, HP is in a unique position to help clients realize the full potential of the application.