The Future of Cloud is Open Source

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at Computerworld’s Open Business Conference. The two-day conference focuses on how open source drives innovation in the marketplace, including the cloud and mobile areas. In my keynote, I talked about the challenges that businesses face with market changes, customer demand, competitive pressures and the constant need for growth that’s pushing enterprises to innovate faster and be more nimble. 

When you look at the historical landscape of the IT industry, we’ve seen technology delivery undergoing major tectonic shifts. These shifts create new opportunities for innovation and open up new business and access models, which change the way technology is consumed and the value that it can bring to all of us.  We are currently in the midst of another significant shift in the industry that is driving the New Style of IT.

The tectonic shifts driving this New Style of IT rely heavily on open source, which can foster tremendous innovation through collaboration. It’s no wonder the current number of open source projects now exceeds 600,000 and continues to double every 24 months.

Looking back, HP has a long history of bringing open source solutions to the enterprise. We began with Linux by making it enterprise ready, adding reference architectures and support for open source components, and now have taken another leadership position, in terms of both governance and significant code contributions, with the OpenStack® project. Most importantly, we’re continuing to build on this track record by developing leading technology solutions for the enterprise.

In 2013, HP continues to be a leading contributor and sponsor within the open source community. We’re doing great work to enable Linux for HP platforms, including adding testing, management and security. Our innovators have also open sourced many printer drivers, allowing the community to connect to HP world-class printers via a variety of systems. And don’t forget about the cloud arena, where HP has the industry’s first cloud based on a common architecture, using OpenStack technology.

Whether a doctor is printing a chart from her tablet or an executive is reaching into the cloud for large data files, modern technology demands connectivity and the New Style of IT. That’s why HP’s leadership position is supported by key open source focus areas – OpenStack Technology for Cloud, Hadoop for Big Data, and Linux for platform and mobile

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, I believe the cloud of the future will be open source.  And, with our diverse business portfolio, unmatched scale, and dedication to open source solutions, HP is committed to lead the impact of open source on the New Style of IT.