Highlights from HP’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

HP shareholders reelected all 12 HP board members on Wednesday, and Meg Whitman highlighted the many company successes supporting HP’s multi-year turnaround.
“We have accomplished a lot. We have outlined a clear and compelling corporate strategy. We have reconnected with our partners and customers,” Meg said during the 2014 Annual Shareholder Meeting at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.  “We have a host of new and very innovative products and services that are changing the IT landscape and helping our customers drive business outcomes. Innovation is alive and well at Hewlett-Packard.”
Meg went on to describe how HP has also improved its cost structure, strengthened its leadership team and continued to drive innovations throughout the company.  
In addition, fiscal 2013 was a year of robust innovation in HP, said Meg, citing HP OneView, HP Vertica, OfficeJet ProX, HP Converged System for Virtualization and other examples.
“We have made great strides and our fiscal 2013 performance was a testament to the progress we’ve made,” she said.  
Investing in HP employees
Amid the progress, Meg said that she is proud of how engaged HP employees have become. 
“Part of that is because we have restored stability and confidence, we have invested in our people, and we’ve invested in tools and systems to make life easier for those people who work at HP,” she said. “But it is also due to our employees seeing us win in the marketplace again.”
Striving to be the best technology partner on earth
HP’s success depends on the success of its customers and partners, Meg observed. “In the last year, we’ve been listening to our customers and partners more closely than ever. I’ve personally met with more than 1,000 customers and partners over the last 12 months.”
She said that HP’s objective is very simple: To be the best technology partner on earth not only today but into the future. 
“HP can help our customers manage today’s complexity in ways that no other company can,” she stated. “We’ve got a unique perspective because we have built the IT world today, and we are helping create the IT world of tomorrow. And we know most of our customers have one foot in each.”
Helping customers be heroes
“The technology issues customers face are new, evolving, and frankly daunting, and we understand that,” Meg continued. “We understand that our customers are expected to be Superman or Superwoman, even though they sometimes feel more like Clark Kent. And we get what they are going through.” 
“So part of our job at HP is to help them wear the red cape. We are here to help our customers be the hero by delivering the focus, perspective, products and services that they need to stay ahead and stay on top. We are happiest when our customers look like Superman and when they succeed at leading their organizations into the future.”
Forward-Looking Statements
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