HP and the New Style of IT

In my role as COO, I meet with hundreds of our customers. In those conversations we of course spend time talking about HP’s strategy. But, the area on which I really enjoy spending my time is understanding the business outcomes they are trying to enable as they navigate this rapidly changing IT landscape – really understanding what success looks like in their respective organizations. It is at the intersection of these two points – our innovation agenda and our customers’ strategic agendas - that we can create the most value and really become the best possible partner to our customers.

I mention this because it is an important backdrop for what I’d like to work with you through this blog. Over a series of posts, my goals are to explain where I see the market heading, the implications I see this having for our customers, our innovation agenda and strategy and most importantly, how this agenda can create value for our customers today and for the longer term.

In the last year and a half, the leadership team at HP has spent a great deal of time analyzing each of our business units and the markets in which they compete to develop a crisp strategy. There’s no doubt it has required some serious soul searching on our part – the market is moving fast to a New Style of IT and it will leave anyone behind if they don’t move faster.

This New Style of IT, which we see as a transformational shift bridging the consumer and enterprise experience, has almost unprecedented reach and impact. Every generation has had an industry that changed the fabric of society, and over the last 40 years, IT has been that defining industry. It has changed not just business processes and personal productivity, but the very ways people communicate and collaborate.

For our customers, this New Style of IT promises simplicity, greater agility, speed and lower costs. It is driven by the interrelated trends of Cloud, Security, Mobility and Big Data . And yet, with great opportunity comes great challenge. Our customers are looking for help from trusted advisors to understand how they navigate this brave new world. And they need comprehensive solutions that solve their toughest business problems, not just a set of disparate IT assets.

At HP I think we are well-positioned to address the challenges and opportunities of this new market paradigm. Our heritage and DNA of supporting open systems and partnering, along with our critical mass in hardware, software and services, are tremendous assets to have.

One of my favorite quotes is from Teddy Roosevelt who said, “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” It will require a great deal of work and innovation on our part. The work we’re doing at HP matters for today and for the long term. Customers need solutions for the New Style of IT and we are uniquely equipped to help deliver them.  I look forward to working with you on this opportunity and always welcome your feedback.