HP Aurasma Brings Retail Giant’s Print Catalog to Life

What’s the latest way that HP Aurasma is changing the way that people interact with the world around them? We’re using our technology to bring to life the print catalogue for the UK retail giant Argos.

As part of its newest augmented reality campaign, Argos is integrating up to 500 Aurasma “auras” into its latest catalogue, enabling customers to use their smartphones or tablets to access additional product information, special offers and online quizzes. With more than 8 million customers currently using the Argos mobile app, we’re taking advantage of a great opportunity to bring the excitement of augmented reality to a new audience.

To develop the campaign, Argos incorporated the Aurasma software development kit (SDK) into its existing mobile app. Because of the flexibility of the Aurasma SDK, Argos was able to develop content that doesn’t require its 8 million existing customers to download a separate app to access the enhanced content.

Click here to see how Argos integrated Aurasma technology into its latest catalog. To see how other customers are using Aurasma to incorporate augmented reality into their campaigns, check out these examples on the Aurasma website.