HP Discover Day 1: HP Atalla Solutions Mitigate Key Security Challenges

“Today marks the first day of HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas. While 10,000+ of our customers are attending 500+ sessions, and hearing keynote addresses from Meg Whitman and other HP executives, we're also launching innovative products--like HP Atalla solutions--that help customers embrace the New Style of IT. –The HP Next Team”

From open networks to the cloud, the opportunity for adversaries to access an organization’s sensitive information makes security a daily challenge. On average, organizations face 122 successful attacks per week.(1) This constant threat of attack is driving many organizations to take a new approach to security. It’s no longer a matter of whether an organization will be breached. IT teams now operate under the assumption that the organization has already been breached—leaving critical data exposed.

To prevent sensitive information from being stolen, organizations are turning to encryption for proactive data protection. Encryption is the process we use to encode information using mathematical algorithms. The resulting data can only be read using an encryption key that changes the information back to its original, readable form. If an unauthorized party gains access to the data, it’s useless without the accompanying key.

We’re keeping data safe, no matter where it is
Today, we’re announcing encryption solutions that safeguard data throughout its entire life cycle to ensure continuous protection of organizations’ most sensitive information. This applies to data at rest, in motion or in use—and across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Our new HP Atalla solutions are the result of more than 35 years of innovation in encryption technology here at HP. These solutions deliver advanced protection for data stored in open networks and in the cloud, as well as unstructured data such as confidential emails, payment information and electronic health records. 

We understand that securing sensitive information is a top priority for all organizations. That’s why we have created a number of security solutions that help protect data throughout its entire life cycle, mitigating key security challenges:

  1. Challenge: Too many encryption keys to manage
    There is a fine line between protecting data with encryption and overloading  an organization with too many tools that are unable to communicate. When data is encrypted correctly, it can significantly reduce the risk of audit failures, financial losses and damage to an organization’s reputation. However, using several incompatible encryption tools can create hundreds of thousands of encryption keys, leaving organizations open to new security risks and poor performance.
    Solution: HP Atalla Secure Encryption with Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) 4.0
    Together, these solutions secure and manage encryption keys without slowing server performance. This can reduce the cost and complexity of managing encryption keys, while preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  1. Challenge: Controlling sensitive data in the cloud
    Reaping the benefits of the cloud, while maintaining control over sensitive data is a delicate balance.
    Solution: HP Atalla Cloud Encryption
    This solution can eliminate the complexity of encryption and key management in public, private and hybrid cloud environments with Split-Key Encryption, a method for combining and splitting keys during the encryption process. For non-cloud environments, it can integrate with HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager, linking back to HP’s on-premises solutions.
  1. Challenge: Protection of unstructured data
    Unstructured, sensitive data in the form of documents, spreadsheets, images and videos needs to be secured on enterprise networks.
    Solution: HP Atalla Information Protection and Control (IPC)
    This software solution protects sensitive enterprise data from creation to collaboration to storage using an information-centric encryption approach that protects data throughout its life cycle, no matter where it resides. The encryption technology is easily incorporated into business processes without the added complexity or time consuming and costly integration.

Our HP Enterprise Security products and services are designed to disrupt the adversary at all stages of the threat life cycle, as well as to manage risk and extend our customers’ security capabilities so they can comprehensively protect their enterprise. HP Atalla solutions are the first line of defense, encrypting data as it is created and preventing an attacker from accessing the keys to unlock it. Available immediately worldwide, HP Atalla can safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle – whether at rest, in motion or in use – across cloud, on-premise and mobile environments, to ensure continuous protection of organizations’ most sensitive information.


(1) HP Ponemon Cost of Cyber Crime Study, September 2013.