At HP Discover: HP’s Wireless Transformation


From the floor of HP Discover, HP Networking’s Les Stuart sat down with HP IT’s John Lino and Jeff Sprankle to discuss HP’s recent wireless transformation, which brought every HP IT managed facility globally onto the network—unifying the experience for all employees, whether accessing the network via plug-in or wirelessly. With just shy of 18,000 access points, and adding more each week, our employees are more connected than ever before. 

In the interview, Lino and Sprankle talk about the biggest driving factors for HP’s wireless transformation as being our employee experience and a shift in industry trends. Employees are increasingly embracing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) style of work, and our goal is to enable our workforce to access the wireless network at any time, from any device.

As a global enterprise, we face the same challenges as our customers, often at a much larger scale. Through a deeper integration between IT and the product development teams across the company, HP IT is able to serve as “Customer Zero” for testing HP technology solutions, resulting in better products for our customers.

Watch this video to learn more about HP’s wireless transformation and the vital role the company’s Intelligent Management Center played in creating a new user experience: