HP Enterprise Services: Empowering the Enterprise to Realize Their Vision

Whether you realize it or not, HP Enterprise Services likely plays a role in your daily life. That’s because we have more than 2,000 high-profile customers around the world who rely on us to run their businesses, whether helping them to process your credit transactions, ship your goods or connect your mobile phone calls.

In FY13, we helped many of our clients journey to the New Style of IT with improved security, mobility and cloud computing. With all our powers combined, we saved our clients billions of dollars in blocked cyberattacks, helped them support millions of end-user devices and apps, and increased their cloud support, to name a few achievements.

We continue to build on that progress for our clients and our business. Our clients depend on us to help them navigate and thrive in today’s increasingly fast-paced IT environment. And we remain dedicated to empowering enterprises to realize their visions.

One reason why we’ve been successful in helping businesses from almost every industry is because with our large scale, we can provide end-to-end service solutions tailored for their needs. We advise clients on how to improve their business outcomes, develop roadmaps to help them navigate to the New Style of IT and manage their IT environments as they make that transition. 

We know that our clients are looking ahead for the next opportunities to grow their businesses, so they don’t want to be distracted by outdated, cumbersome IT. That’s where we come in. Within HP Enterprise Services, we have seven global practices that work together to serve our clients. We help clients connect the dots through our full suite of interconnected services practices.

Speaking metaphorically, HP Enterprise Services keeps the house running smoothly and securely, so clients can focus on running their business.

To continue HP Enterprise Services’ momentum in FY14, we are further defining where and how we play in the market. Our research shows that every enterprise is focused on one or more of the following: customer experience, employee empowerment, IT enabled transformation, and/or acquisitions and divestitures. We are mapping our seven capabilities to meet these needs, as well as improving the following:

  • Go to Market – We are focusing on providing customers with more project and emerging New Style of IT services.
  • Talent – We are cultivating a deep bench of talent in key practice areas to meet market demands and improve client service.
  • Operational Excellence – We are extending expertise through global collaboration and increasing efficiency with standardized practices

I’m proud of our progress in the last few years, and I’m excited to provide our HP Enterprise Services clients with even greater value in moving forward. Speaking on behalf of all the talented, energized people who make up the HP Enterprise Services organization, I can confidently say that we are bringing the best of HP together for our customers. We’re helping customers transition to the New Style of IT and identifying innovative ways for them to be more creative, productive and successful.