HP Enterprise Services Improves Cloud-based Mobility for Business

Jim Fanella is Vice President, Enterprise Cloud Services, HP Enterprise Services.

The “workplace” is no longer a “place” for many of today’s businesses. The modern workforce is telecommuting, completing transactions in the field, or adopting CYOD – “choose your own device” – or BYOD – “bring your own device” – workplace models. They’ve become more reliant on mobility. They’ve come to expect anytime, anywhere access to their data and applications.

To help businesses succeed amidst this new dependence on mobility, HP Enterprise Services announced yesterday a cloud-based management solution that delivers secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data from any mobile device. This new service is called HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility, and it is a key component of HP Enterprise Services’ revitalization efforts and, in turn, will contribute to HP’s overall turnaround strategy.

Our enterprise customers want access to data and applications from anywhere at any time, but they also want their data to be secure. This is important to Hewlett-Packard, too, and HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility provides secure application access, file storage and sharing via all types of devices, including tablets and smart phones. Through HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility, IT organizations are provided the tools to set appropriate security policies and the access controls to protect valuable corporate assets, applications and data. Mobile data is encrypted in transit and at rest, covering the device as well as the cloud infrastructure.

Mobility and security are part of the core focus of HP Enterprise Services’ revitalization efforts, as we continue to provide customers with tailored solutions. The HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility offering is one more example of how HP is tailoring our services portfolio to meet client needs and maintain HP’s preeminence in the services sector.