HP IT: “Customer Zero” for HP Technology Solutions

I recently sat down with Gary Beach of Enterprise CIO Forum to talk about driving business results through IT. As the CIO of Hewlett-Packard, my ability to affect change and truly impact HP’s turnaround hinges on the close alignment of our business and IT strategies.

IT professionals are struggling to meet the demands of what we at HP call the New Style of IT, or the recent, dramatic shifts in the way technology is consumed, delivered and purchased. In this new reality, enterprises like HP are trying to increase velocity, efficiency and security while protecting resources and driving value in their businesses ­– all at the same time.

Because of these new demands, IT professionals are transitioning from a service provider role to a value creator and trusted advisor; we are embedded in leadership teams and analyzing IT operations to identify ways to make businesses more competitive.

As a global enterprise, HP faces the same challenges as our customers, often at a much larger scale. We   – like them – are trying to be mobile, agile and secure in this new environment. One way that HP has responded is through a deeper integration between IT and the product development teams across the company. HP IT also serves as “Customer Zero” for testing HP technology solutions, resulting in better products for our customers and cost savings for HP.

In fact, we are seeing a tremendous business impact from transitioning to the HP Cloud. For example, with our Database-as-a-Service offering, it used to take us two-to-three weeks to provision a database. With the HP Cloud, we have improved speed and can now do it in five minutes. HP Moonshot has also improved our operations by saving energy, shrinking our data center footprint, modernizing our applications for mobile first development and revolutionizing how we do business across the company.

Watch my interview with Gary below to hear more about the changing IT environment, and stay tuned to HP Next for additional posts about how we’re using HP products to drive value and efficiency for ourselves and our customers.